Center for Health Care Services

Homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring

Funding Priority: End Homelessness

Integrated Treatment Program

FY 2022 Adopted Allocation: $ 916,217 (474,217 General Fund) & ($ 442,000 Emergency Solutions Grant - CARES)

FY 2023 Adopted Allocation: $ 704,057 (General Fund)

Total FY 2023 Program Budget: $ 704,057

Total FY 2023 Agency Budget: $ 124,336,556

Program Description: The Center for Health Care Services (CHCS) Integrated Treatment Program provides a structured environment for 80 homeless males diagnosed with a mental illness and residing at Prospects Courtyard or a location not meant for human habitation. Services include: psychiatric assessments and follow-up; medication stabilization and monitoring; case management and rehabilitation benefits procurement; and nursing assessments.

Program Performance Measures

Number (#) of clients served in the program (inclusive of readmissions)

Bed Utilization Rate (%)

The bed utilization rate is calculated by dividing the number of beds utilized every night by the number of beds available every night.

Percentage (%) of clients successfully completing the treatment program

Percentage (%) of clients discharged into a permanent housing placement or other positive disposition

Restoration Center

FY 2022 Adopted Allocation: $ 1,250,000 (General Fund)

FY 2023 Adopted Allocation: $ 1,250,000 (General Fund)

Total FY 2023 Program Budget: $ 1,250,000

Total FY 2023 Agency Budget: $ 124,336,556

Program Description: The Center for Health Care Services (CHCS) Restoration Center offers a medically supervised sobering area for public intoxicants to interrupt the cycle of serial inebriation. These services support law enforcement and Haven for Hope security by freeing up their services return to campus and street patrols more efficiently. The center also provides minor medical care and triage services to injured prisoners brought into the unit by law enforcement to or from the City Magistrate or Bexar County Adult Detention Center.

Program Performance Measures

Number (#) of individuals served

This performance measure is inclusive of readmissions and captures both public intoxicants and injured detainees.

Number (#) of injured detainees treated

Percentage (%) of injured detainees treated and returned to the presenting officer within 30 minutes of arrival at the Restoration Center Minor Medical Clinic

Number (#) of unduplicated public intoxicants served (Sobering Program)

Percentage (%) of clients who subsequently enter CHCS' detoxification program from the Sobering Unit within 10 days of sobering exit

Percentage (%) of clients who enter CHCS' detoxification from the sobering unit and complete medical detoxification