Corazon Ministries Inc.

Homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring

Funding Priority: End Homelessness

Corazon Respite Center

FY 2022 Adopted Allocation: $ 50,000 (General Fund)

FY 2023 Adopted Allocation: $ 50,000 (General Fund)

Total FY 2023 Program Budget: $ 686,548

Total FY 2023 Agency Budget: $ 864,979

Program Description:

Corazon Ministries Inc. Respite Center provides a range of essential services to San Antonio’s unsheltered and chronically homeless community, including meals, clothing, access to showers, ID recovery, and medical and dermatological care. We offer our services at two downtown locations and through street outreach efforts. We are also active collaborators with other agencies serving San Antonio’s homeless population through formal service partnerships with organizations like Haven for Hope and through collective efforts like SARAH.

Program Performance Measures

Number (#) of unduplicated clients served

"Unduplicated clients" means each client who receives services in the current contract term will only be counted once in this performance measure. The current contract term is October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023 for FY2023.

Percentage (%) of participants enrolled into the SARAH Homelink Coordinated Entry System

Percentage (%) of participants reporting reduced hunger (reduced food insecurity)