Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Department Mission

The mission of the Arts and Culture department is to operate high-quality, attractive event spaces and provide diverse, fun, affordable, and high-quality cultural programming, and educational opportunities for the community.

Core Services Provided

The Arts & Culture Department is responsible for the state-certified Salida Creative District and providing facilities and servcies for vairous events within the community. Core services provided include:

  • Provide facilities and services for meetings, conferences, workshops, weddings, special events, theater, art and concert productions, and community gatherings to local, regional, state, and national groups.
  • Serve as the anchor to the state-certified Salida Creative District and perform the following:
    • Present annually a variety of fun, educational and inspiring experiences, events and programming for community members and work in conjunction with other arts, non-profits and civic organizations
    • Support local creatives by providing training, services and opportunities
  • Assist the Public Art Commission
  • Manage the City of Salida Channel 191, City of Salida YouTube channel and City of Salida social media pages

Arts & Culture Organizational Chart

2022 Arts & Culture Department Budget & Long Term Goals

Arts & Culture Key Performance Indicators