Capital Projects

Capital Budget Process

Capital projects are large projects that involve constructing new infrastructure (i.e., streets, water or sewer lines), a new facility or a significant facility or infrastructure improvement. Cost is typically greater than $25K and can involve planning and multiple contractors.

Larger projects can take multiple years to complete. It is the City’s practice to budget for the entire project’s cost so the total funds necessary are clear. Budgeting for a project that takes multiple years to complete entails “rolling over” the unfinished cost portion into the next budget period. If necessary, it is appropriate to use fund balance reserves as a funding source for projects as the cost is not ongoing.

Typically, projects requested in the budget exceed available revenue and therefore need to be prioritized. Projects that address a safety issue, that replace existing aging infrastructure and/or that have a direct revenue source such as a grant are priortized above other projects. Projects that don't "make the cut" are slotted into the long-term plan.

Part of the decision making process when evaluating a new capital project is determining how the addition will impact future operating costs and any impacts are evaluated against the long term plan to ensure sustainability.

The 2022 budget for capital projects includes some new requests as well as some rolled over projects. Sometimes the budget estimate changes as more clarity is gained during planning efforts so in some cases the rolled over budget is higher than the original.

The below map shows the location of projects proposed in the budget and text below the chart provides some details on the most significant project requests.

Skate Part
2022 CIP Map

Street Rehab Projects

Street rehabilitation projects planned for the next year include paving and pedestrian improvement projects and other safety upgrades at 10th and 12th Streets, and the block of 3rd between E and F. Project Budget: $1,700,000

Highway 50 Streetscape Project

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) and other sidewalks on US50 to Walmart, Holman, Stryker to include a US50 pedestrian crossing. Cost is $1,000,000 with an $800,000 grant offset. Project Budget (net): $200,000

Splash Pad

A splash pad feature to be added at Centennial Park. This project will also provide the infrastructure for bathroom improvements to be done in the future.

Project Budget: $350,000

Gallery Transmission Main Water Line Replacement (Rolled over from 2021) The aging piping critical for distributing potable water from Salida’s primary groundwater source to the City will be replaced, further ensuring a dependable water source for all residents. Project Budget: $1,900,000

Pasquale Springs Improvements (Rolled over from 2021 at an increased cost) Much of the aging infrastructure necessary for the treatment, storage and pumping of spring water into Salida’s water system will be replaced, expanding the capacity of the Pasquale Springs site and providing greater resilience in the event that the treatment plant becomes inaccessible. Project Budget: $2,500,000

Other Projects

The budget includes recommended funding for many other projects to include the Arkansas River "Scout Wave" replacement ($100,000), various upgrades at the Aquatic Center (new floor, temperature controls, boiler, highway sign-$245,000), study and design work for the downtown skatepark (Spirit of Salida) which MAY be converted to an art plaza ($100,000), expansion and relocation of the mechanic shop to the multi-use facility ($100,000), design and site work for a new firehouse, and restoration of the caboose in the F street parking lot ($150,000 with potential for a $100,000 grant offset).

Capital Trends

Capital budgets tend to vary greatly from year to year as needs and funding availability warrant.