City Administrator Mission

To guide the future of the City of Salida through thoughtful and inclusive decision-making, preserving what makes Salida unique and focusing on positive outcomes.

City Clerk Mission

The City Clerk’s Office is your partner in democracy by providing transparent, accurate, and timely information for the citizens of Salida and City Council. We are committed to open and fair elections, in addition to efficiently processing various City licenses. Finally, we are committed to administering justice fairly, efficiently and effectively, and providing excellent customer service through the Salida Municipal Court.

Finance Mission

The Finance Department is committed to building the public trust through sound financial management and innovative and effective guidance in decision-making while protecting the City’s assets, and ensuring compliance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations. We strive to provide timely, accurate, clear and concise information to the City’s leadership and departments in a friendly, responsive and transparent manner.

City Administrator Core Services Provided

The City Administrator is responsible for directing and coordinating activities of all departments, department heads and employees of the City. The City Administrator provides the following core services:

  • Plans, organizes, and defines the organization of City administration to ensure the coordinated and efficient effort across all departments to meet goals and objectives established by City Council,
  • Implements and enforces ordinances, policies, rules and regulations adopted by City Council,
  • Manages, directs and develops systems for long-range planning, prioritization, and completion of projects and programs,
  • Serves as the personnel director of the City,
  • Appoints and supervises all non-elected department heads and employees in consultation with the Mayor, except for City Clerk, City Attorney, City Prosecutor, City Judge and City Treasurer.

City Clerk Core Services Provided

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for administering certain licenses, supporting City Council, and managing Municipal Court. Specifically, the City Clerk’s Office performs the following services:

• Posting public notices, publishing ordinances and safeguarding all official records of the City,

• Processing new Liquor, Marijuana, Short Term Rental, Arborist, and Tobacco licenses and renewals,

• Gathering Special Event applications and permit requests for Council approval,

• Supporting City Council by preparing agendas, packets, and minutes for work sessions and regular meetings,

• Posting agendas, packets, resolutions and minutes on the City website,

• Processing Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests in a timely fashion,

• Managing Municipal Court for the judge and prosecutor,

• Disseminating press releases and other news to the community, and

• Serving as a public information officer.

Finance Core Services Provided

The Finance Department is responsible for financial analysis and reporting, development of financial policies, evaluation of internal controls, and management of the financial affairs of the City. Core services provided include:

• Coordinate the annual budget,

• Manage the annual audit and prepare the resulting comprehensive annual financial report,

• General accounting including: receivables, payables, payroll, grant accounting, cash and debt management, investing, utility billing and collections, and

• Vital records issuance (issue birth and death certificates).

Administration Organizational Chart

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Administrator Short & Long Term Goals

City Clerk Short and Long Term Goals

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Administration and Finance Key Performance Indicators

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