Conservation Trust Fund

Fund Description

Conservation Trust Fund accounts for Colorado Lottery proceeds required to be expended solely on park and recreation improvements. The Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) was created to manage funds received from the conservation trust fund of the State of Colorado.

CTF funds can only be spent for the acquisition, development and maintenance of new conservation sites and recreational facilities as defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

FY 2022 Budget Changes

The City plans to use CTF funds accumulated over several years for various parks and to assist Salida Mountain Trails with trail expansions in the area.

Conservation Trust Fund - Revenues vs. Expenses



Fund Balance

Fund Balance

Fund Balance reserves in this fund are considered restricted and can only be spent on projects appropriate for Conservation Trust Fund dollars according to state statute. There is no minimum required level to maintain.

Funds have been accumulating for a number of years and the City of Salida plans to spend funds in 2022 on park maintenance and improvements.