Water Fund

An Enterprise Fund

Fund Description

The Water Fund was established as an enterprise funds in conformance with Colorado Revised Statutes in order to provide for the operation and maintenance of the City of Salida’s water system. Revenues from this fund are comprised of service fees for delivery of water, system development fees, and various non-operating revenues such as grants or debt proceeds.

Typical expenditures include normal operating expenses, improvements and repairs to the distribution systems, upgrades to the water treatment facilities, and the repayment of debt obligations.

FY 2022 Budget Changes

  • Gallery Transmission Main Water Line Replacement
  • Pasquale Springs Improvements

Fund Mission & Strategic Goals

Fund Mission

Our mission is to maintain and improve the water distribution and wastewater collection system within the City of Salida. We strive to be proactive and address maintenance needs in order to reduce long-term costs.

We will work to maintain the water and sewer utility in an efficient manner by utilizing innovative technologies and management programs.

Core Services Provided

Within the Public Works organization, the Distribution & Collection divisions are responsible for maintaining City water and sewer lines to the treatment facilities. Sewer lines maintained include Salida infrastructure in addition to servicing the Poncha Springs area.

Core services provided include:

  • Maintenance of water and sewer infrastructure, including main lines and water meters
  • Monitor backflow device program
  • Water leak checks

2022 Public Works Department Budget & Long Term Goals

Water Fund - Revenues vs. Expenses



Fund Balance

Fund Balance

Maintenance and upgrades of the water plant and distribution system can be pricey and reserves need to build over time in order to pay for the infrequent but necessary large projects.

At a minimum, reserves should not fall below 25% of the previous year's operating expenses.

Rate studies are periodically performed to ensure that rates charged will sustain this important utility.