Elected & Appointed Officials

The City of Salida, incorporated in 1880, is a Statutory City under the constitution of the State of Colorado that follows the mayor-council form of government. The Mayor, the Treasurer and six Councilmembers are directly elected. There are three wards in the City, and two Councilmembers represent each ward. Policy making and legislative authority are vested in the governing body consisting of the Mayor and six Councilmembers.

Councilmembers serve four-year terms, with three members elected every two years. The Mayor is elected for a two-year term. According to Colorado statutes, officials elected to two-year terms are eligible for three terms. Councilmembers and the Treasurer are elected to four-year terms and are limited to two terms. The City Council appoints the City Administrator, the City Attorney and the City Clerk. The City Administrator appoints Department Directors.

City Council and Elected Officials

Dan Shore – Mayor

Justin Critelli – Councilmember (Mayor Pro Tem)

Harald Kasper – Councilmember

Dominique Naccarato - Councilmember

Alisa Pappenfort – Councilmember

Mike Pollock – Councilmember

Jane Templeton – Councilmember

Merrell Bergin – City Treasurer

Council 2022 Budget

City Appointed Officials and Staff

Cheryl Hardy-Moore – Municipal Court Judge

Matthew Krob - Municipal Prosecutor

Greg Follet – Planning Commission Chairperson

Lisa DeYoung – Parks, Recreation, Open Space, Trails (PROST) Chairperson

Keith Krebs – Historic Preservation Commission Chairperson

Marilyn Moore – Tree Board President

Greg Follet – Board of Adjustment Chairperson

Nina Williams – City Attorney

Drew Nelson – City Administrator

Erin Kelley – City Clerk

Bill Almquist – Community Development Director

Doug Bess – Fire Chief

Russ Johnson – Police Chief

David Lady – Public Works Director

Mike (Diesel) Post – Parks and Recreation Director

Aimee Tihonovich – Finance Director

Michael Varnum – Arts & Culture Director

City Facilities

City Facilities