Community Development

Community Development Mission

The Community Development department is committed to carrying out the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Plan by implementing requirements of the Land Use and Development Code to ensure quality growth and development that promotes the values and goals of the community. Our focus is on protecting Salida’s small-city character, our natural environment, and our sense of community, while ensuring a healthy economy and housing opportunities for our local workforce.

Housing Project in process

Core Services Provided

The Community Development department provides the following core services:

  • Processing and reviewing land use applications for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code,
  • Working with Chaffee County Development Services to review and issue building permits and inspect new construction in conformance with City development standards and building safety codes,
  • Facilitating long-range planning efforts, including creating and updating various plans such as the Comprehensive Plan, Highway Corridor Improvement Plans, Regional Transportation Plans, and Area Master Plans,
  • Reviewing and issuing sign permits, temporary vending permits, and other permit types,
  • Providing analysis and recommendations to Commissions and City Council in regards to new developments and subdivisions,
  • Grant-writing for support of planning and project efforts,
  • Public education regarding a variety of planning-related matters,
  • Coordinating with other local government partners on applicable land-use and housing issues.

Community Development Organizational Chart


2022 Community Development Department Budget & Long Term Goals

Community Development Key Performance Indicators