Sustainability and Climate Action Plan


Adopted 2022

In 2021 the Royal Oak City Commission adopted a resolution that set greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for 2030 and 2050 and tasked staff to develop a city-wide sustainabiltiy plan through a collaborative process with essential stakeholders. This planning process started in January 2021 and was developed over a fourteen-month period led by the S-CAP Task Force which consisted of city staff, and Royal Oak Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) members and Planning Commission members. The plan was adopted in 2022 and outlines projects and programs to support the city's sustainability and climate goals. The action steps identified as a part of this plan were identified after a community-wide survey, 24 community stakeholder workgroup meetings, and a public comment period. Below are the six different focus topics, and readers can click on them to dive further into the plan.

To read the entire S-CAP plan, visit the website.

Icon showing a house with a sun. Indicating the energy and buildings category.

Royal Oak Prioritizes safety, comfort and health for all by fostering a built environment that promotes accessible energy resource efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable building techniques and resiliency.

Icon showing mobility through a car, bike and pedestrian crossing the street.

Royal Oak promotes and encourages low-carbon modes of travel that are safe, accessible, reliable, convenient, healthy, and affordable to connect people to jobs, education, amenities, and housing.

Icon showing a recycling arrows style logo.

Royal Oak promotes reduced solid waste to landfills through generation reduction, support of reuse, increase recycling, and composting of organic materials.

Icon showing a water drop with arrows showing a cycle.

Royal Oak recognizes and prioritizes the intrinsic value of water to the community's health and environment by promoting and ensuring water quality, conservation practices, and resilient infrastructure.

Icon showing a tree bench and a sun indicating green space.

Royal Oak protects and enhances its abundant green spaces by intentionally supporting native and biodiverse plantings and ensuring accessibility to all residents.

Icon showing two hands with a Royal Oak logo.

Royal Oak offers a healthy, safe, and welcoming community that prioritizes arts, and culture, community connections, economic opportunity, life-long learning education, diverse housing, outstanding public services, and accessibility for all.