This strategic plan provides the roadmap for Royal Oak as we look toward the future.

Strategic framework.  Image includes Royal Oak Logo, the titles of the priorities, and people on the road to making these goals happen.
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Royal Oak is a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, encourages people to participate, care, and respect each other; and offers a variety of housing that works for everyone.

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Royal Oak values health, safety, and justice by ensuring access to services, spaces, and systems for all residents and visitors.

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Royal Oak protects the health and safety of the community and provides an exceptional quality of life by instituting aggressive policies and practices to combat climate change and protect the natural environment.

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Royal Oak pursues policies that encourage sustained business investment and development in the city, by providing employment, core services, and entertainment opportunities for residents and visitors.

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Royal Oak addresses the needs of our community in a timely and respectful manner while being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

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Royal Oak responsibly manages its finances through sound fiscal policy and strategic planning.

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Royal Oak maintains, replaces, and enhances the city's infrastructure to promote efficient, environmentally responsible, and sustainable delivery of municipal services.

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How was this plan developed?

In March 2022, the city commission and city staff met for about a day and a half to set the strategic plan priorities and objectives for the next few years. Staff contributed in the following weeks to refine the plan with action steps that they felt fit into the plan and would be work they could accomplish between 2022-2025. This was approved mid-2022 to guide the work done for the city in the years ahead.