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Stormwater Utility Fund

To deliver outstanding customer service while providing maintenance and quality assurance to all City maintained stormwater structures and stormwater that leaves the municipal system and reaches waters of the State.

Who we are

The Stormwater Utility is an enterprise fund that provides stormwater services throughout the City. The City Stormwater staff responds to citizen calls and inquiries involving nuisance flooding, system failure or collapse, stream and ditch erosion as well as illicit discharge and illegal dumping calls throughout the City. The division is responsible for the maintenance and inspection of over 12,000 individual structures, over 140 miles of gravity pipe, more than 20 detention ponds, and over 20 miles of drainage ditches.


The full implementation of the Stormwater Management Program through the funding of the Stormwater Utility has allowed for an improvement of customer service by reducing the time required to respond to routine maintenance calls. The Utility provides funding for a consistent level of compliance with Federal and State clean water regulations, prioritization and completion of Operation and Maintenance work orders and Capital projects. The City of Roswell is part of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District and is required to comply with the Watershed Management Plan and is prepared to fully comply with these plans while meeting the demands of our customers.


Staff must work to ensure efficiency and fiscal responsibility while continuing to provide superior customer service. An improved capital improvement matrix facilitates decision making on outsourcing project engineering and construction through on call contracts. Staff development and training remains a focus along with appropriate use of technology and innovations such as portable communication devices, remote camera inspection, and in the field GIS. Future budget planning for capital equipment purchases must be balanced with the need to repair and maintain the City stormwater infrastructure as well as compliance with increasing levels of Federal and State regulations. Economic and construction market conditions are resulting in higher capital project costs.

What we have Accomplished

  • Completed approximately half of our cross drain inspection program, well ahead of our projected schedule.
  • Completed multiple reinforced concrete pipe replacement projects using new excavation and compaction equipment and construction techniques.
  • Implemented cross training regimen for all SWU staff.
  • Completed required inspection of 20% of the City owned Stormwater System.
  • Continued the citywide training program on Green Infrastructure (GI)/Low Impact Development (LID) practices and fertilizer use and storage.
  • Completed the Compliance Stormwater Evaluation Inspection for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit.
  • New SWMP submitted and approved.
  • Established interdepartmental collaboration and consultation related to stormwater issues.
  • Initiated enforcement actions resulting in private infrastructure repairs and maintenance.

What we expect to Accomplish

  • Achieve 100% completion of all Capital Improvement Projects for the Fiscal Year.
  • Complete evaluation of the remaining stormwater cross drains.
  • Implement highest priority Stormwater Master Plan recommendations.
  • Evaluate City projects for potential green infrastructure components.
  • Complete required inspection of 20% of the City owned stormwater system.
  • Continue to demonstrate, in the road right of way, the use of green infrastructure and low impact development practices and their benefits to the overall stormwater program.
  • Address MS4 Annual Report Permit review comments.
  • Complete an update to the Big Creek Watershed Improvement Plan.
  • Complete planting for Sun Valley water quality bioretention.

Stormwater Fund

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