Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department

Meet the leisure needs of the citizens of Roswell by providing quality, comprehensive recreational opportunities, parks and facilities.

Who we are

The Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department is responsible for meeting the leisure needs of the Citizens of Roswell, offering diverse opportunities to engage in recreational, historical, and cultural programs or activities, and providing meaningful place-making destinations that increase the enjoyment and better the lives of citizens within our community.


Developing programs in a virtual environment that will allow us to engage diverse sectors of the Community. This includes examining the potential for the department to enter into the E-Sports market to reach a new segment of our community.
Improving our marketing and communication to better connect with our community on a variety of platforms and languages.
Developing new program delivery and operational strategies, guidelines and policies due to the impact of COVID-19 including virtual programming, ticketed events, and new reservation systems for activities, programs and events.


Maintaining our level of service to the community while managing the health and regulatory impacts of COVID-19.
Establishing funding sources for the implementation of the Roswell River Parks Master Plan.
Evaluating the long term financial and human resources needed to continue to maintain our existing facilities at the current level of service.
Revising the Department’s 5 year parks and facilities strategic plan to meet the current and future needs of our community.
Developing a long term (2050) active park and facilities needs assessment. Identify land acquisition needs and creating a facility development plan for the future of our community.

What we have Accomplished

  • Revised all programs, activities and facilities operational guidelines to meet the expectations and regulatory requirements of COVID-19.
  • Reassigned staff to the Emergency Operation Center and support team to roles that included safety management, logistic and inventory management, PPE supply chain coordination, policy development, senior welfare checks, building safety support and other roles and responsibilities for the COVID-19 pandemic response.
  • Completed the design of Ace Sand Park.
  • Simplified the online registration process through updated registration landing pages and a more robust search engine that allows participants to easily find and register for programs.
  • Completed exterior door replacement at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building.
  • Installed a new feature at the dog park located at Leita Thompson Park through a donation from the Friends of the Roswell Parks Inc.
  • Implemented a new payroll software for part time and Park Maintenance staff to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the payroll process.
  • Continued long term maintenance and repairs to the Roswell Area Park Outdoor Pool, which included fixing a significant water leak.
  • Completed siding/window repair/replacement at the Adult Recreation Center.
  • Completed repairs to 260 linear feet of Boardwalk at Big Creek Park.
  • Secured CDBG-CV grant funding to upgrade HVAC system at the Adult Recreation Center to provide better air filtration.
  • Completed Mimosa Hall reflection pond paver replacement project and lower back porch roof replacement.
  • Completed Roswell Area Park Ballfield #2 Retaining Wall replacement.
  • Completed Visual Arts Center Back Deck replacement.
  • Completed Roswell Area Park Maintenance Fence replacement.
  • Continued Bill Johnson Community Activity Building maintenance and repairs, including Standing Seam Roof replacement and door replacement.
  • Completed Art Center East Phase II landscape project.

What we expect to Accomplish

  • Implement a portion of the Ace Sand Park design including the fitness trail loop.
  • Complete the Department's 5 year park development and strategic plan.
  • Assess all facilities and infrastructure to develop a 10 year maintenance and replacement plan to be implemented beginning in FY23.
  • Maintain consistent and relevant social media engagement on relevant social media.
  • Implement a proactive plan for marketing in digital and physical spaces.
  • Complete the Old Mill Park retaining wall.
  • Revise the Historic Assets Division operation and training model to ensure staff has the knowledge and skills to work at any of our historic properties.
  • Replace the east playground at Riverside Park with a theme that is in line with the approved River Parks Master Plan.
  • Repair the Historic Stone Grill located behind the Waller Park Recreation Center.

Recreation and Parks Expenditures by Type

Recreation and Parks Expenditures by Fund

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Recreation and Parks Personnel History

Personnel Changes

FY 2018: Add (1) Crew Worker Position. During FY 2019, (1) Historic Assets Manager transferred from Administration

FY 2019: Convert (1) part-time Rental Supervisor to full-time

Services Provided by Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department

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Performance Measure Information

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