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Who we are

The Roswell Transportation Department (RDOT) is responsible for the Roswell transportation system. This includes the safe and efficient movement of pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular traffic, and freight. RDOT responsibilities include planning, design, construction and operation of major and minor multi-modal transportation facilities; maintaining 358 miles of roads and 101 traffic signals; all traffic signs and pavement markings; managing and maintaining the City’s rights-of-way; and responding to emergencies 24 hours/7 days a week.


Conduct robust public outreach to create a project list for renewal of Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) in November 2021.

Closely work with GDOT and MARTA to ensure Express Lanes and Transit projects along GA400 keep Roswell’s interests secured.


Increasing cost of infrastructure projects.

Identifying funding sources for multiple high-dollar projects in future fiscal years.

Maintaining support through the life of large and lengthy transportation infrastructure projects.

Retainage and hiring of staff.

What we have Accomplished

  • Earned prestigious American Public Works Association (APWA) re-accreditation in 2020.
  • Completed construction of the Rucker Road Complete Street TSPLOST project.
  • Completed the Hardscrabble Road Green Loop project.
  • Installed new traffic signal on Woodstock Road at North Coleman Road.
  • Installed the city’s first mini-roundabout on North Coleman Road and Lake Crest Drive.
  • Started construction on phase 1 of the Big Creek Parkway TSPLOST Project.
  • Started construction of SR 9 at Oxbo Rd TSPLOST Project.
  • Finalize Intergovernmental Agreement with GDOT for GA 400 Express Lane Project including reconstruction of HBR/GA400 interchange.
  • Resurfaced 9.62 miles of roadway.
  • Secured new Federal funding for SR-9 Historic Gateway Project.
  • Secured new Federal funding for SR-9 Chattahoochee River Pedestrian Bridge Project.
  • Secured new State grant funding for SR-9 Oxbo Intersection Project.
  • Installed new pay parking system on Canton Street.
  • Started design work on various sidewalk and trail projects.
  • Kept public updated on progress of our TSPLOST program via information on our website.

What we expect to Accomplish

  • Continue construction on phase 1 of the Big Creek Parkway and start procurement of phase 2 TSPLOST project.
  • Begin construction on the Willeo Bridge Replacement Project.
  • Complete construction of the SR 9 at Oxbo Intersection TSPLOST Project.
  • Complete construction of the new PHB (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon) on State Route 9 near Elizabeth Way.
  • Complete construction of a new multi-use trail on SR-140 / Houze Road north of Hembree Road.
  • Start construction of trail along Hardscrabble Rd from King Rd to SR 92.
  • Obtain Approval of Environmental Document for Historic Gateway and Chattahoochee River Pedestrian Bridge Projects.
  • Continue coordination with GDOT/MARTA on GA 400 Express Lanes, future Transit options and impact to the Northwest Quadrant of the GA-400/ Holcomb Bridge Road interchange.
  • Maintain certification as a Bike Friendly Community.
  • Achieve certification as a Walk Friendly Community.

Transportation Department Expenditures by Type

Transportation Department Expenditures by Fund

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Transportation Department Personnel History

Personnel Changes:

FY 2019: Add (1) full-time Traffic System Operator 1

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