FY21 - Performance Based Budget

Department of Budget & Strategic Planning

Office of Performance Management

TO: The Honorable Mayor Levar M. Stoney

The Honorable Michael Jones

Chair of the Finance and Economic Development Committee

The Honorable Members of City Council

Maggie Anderson, Acting Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor

THROUGH: J. E. Lincoln Saunders

Acting Chief Administrative Officer

FROM: Jason May, CBEO

Acting Budget & Strategic Planning Director

DATE: August 15, 2021

RE: The Fiscal Year 2021 Performance Based Budget-Fourth Quarter Performance Report


The Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Performance Based Budget (PBB) Performance Report provides an overview of progress toward performance targets identified by certain City departments for FY21 in the Adopted Amendments to the Biennial Fiscal Plan, Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21).

This is the second fiscal year that performance report will be submitted to the City Council along with quarterly budget projections. In an effort to create a higher level of transparency and accessibility, the Office of Performance Management has now taken the report to a web based format. The link to access the report is below and is titled FY21 - 4th Quarter Performance Based Budget Report. It consists of performance data for the now fourteen departments that participate in the PBB process that began July 01, 2019. Those 14 departments are:

1. Adult Drug Treatment Court

2. Animal Care & Control

3. City Assessor

4. City Auditor

5. Commonwealth Attorney

6. Citizen Service & Response

7. Emergency Communication

8. Finance

9. Housing & Community Development

10. Parks, Recreation, & Community Facilities

11. Planning & Development Review

12. Police

13. Procurement Services

14. Richmond Public Library

The report is intended to provide a quarterly view of where PBB departments stand relative to intended service delivery levels and expenditures for those services.


This PBB performance report begins with a brief overview of each department and their efforts to align the work they do with and the resources allocated, moving away from a focus on achieving “zero” in budget line items and instead focusing on performance levels and service delivery. We have added the ability for departments to highlight impacts (or successes) because of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) contingency.

Next, the report contains an overview of critical services and performance trends as of the end of the fourth quarter of FY21 (6/30/2021). The point of this section is to show performance trends over time and begin to start looking at the way the various service measures relate to one another.

Within the performance report, each performance measure has been given one of three colors to indicate status visually. The purpose of these color identifications is for the departments to provide a somewhat subjective assessment of the progress towards their annual targets for each measure. Green = on track, no real issues, the department expects to reach the target. Yellow = additional attention needs to be paid to this measure to avoid being at risk. Red = some level of assistance or intervention is needed to ensure the success of the target. In some cases, where the data is not yet available the response will be Input Pending or awaiting receipt of data or completion of sufficient time for indicator.

Each department has many other internal measures they utilize to guide decision making. These measures are provided to allow a proactive approach to monitoring departmental performance and afford leadership with intervention opportunities as well as opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate stellar performance.