Redwood City Fire Department Budget

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Welcome to the Redwood City Fire Department's Budget

The Redwood City Fire Department provides an array of services including advanced life support (paramedic), emergency medical services, fire operations, fire prevention, disaster preparedness, community service and many other duties. The Fire Department includes five divisions: Administration, Emergency Operations, Fire Prevention, Operations and Training. The Fire Department continually looks for innovative ways to share services such as the fire service contract with the City of San Carlos and the shared Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Battalion Chief with the Town of Woodside. The Department puts a strong emphasis on public outreach through community-based trainings such as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), CPR, Disaster Preparedness, and other related efforts.

Explore Actual Expenses

Personnel costs represent the majority of the department's budget.

For Fiscal Year 2020-21, budgeted employee costs (salary and benefits) total approximately $26.03 million, an increase of approximately $362,605 over last fiscal year's budget amount of $25.67 million.

For Fiscal Year 2020-21, budgeted overtime costs total approximately $3.43 million. In Fiscal Year 2019-20, actual overtime costs totaled approximately $4.51 million.

In February of this year, the City Council provided an additional $800,000 in Fire Department staffing to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts in coordination with San Mateo County.

The Fire Department has identified $500,000 in operational savings for Fiscal Year 2020-21, and consideraton of adjustments to service models will continue in Fiscal Year 2021-22 as the City continues work to reimagine services.

Explore the Breakdown of Expenses by Division

Fire Operations represents the largest division's budget for the department.

For Fiscal Year 2020-21, fire operations represent approximately $23.68 million, a decrease of approximately $779,804 million over last fiscal year's budget amount of $24.46 million.

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