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What's Happening in Downtown Redding

Downtown Redding is in the midst of an exciting revitalization. While it’s easy to see the physical changes to the area, including the addition of 200 new residential units, new commercial and retail properties, new parking options and the renovation of existing buildings, what’s happening simultaneously is a revitalization of the very infrastructure of Downtown Redding. Underground utilities are being upsized and streets that have previously been covered by buildings are being reintroduced. During this process, navigating some areas of downtown may prove difficult, but The City of Redding and its partners are working diligently to mitigate the impacts of the construction to those who live, work and play downtown.

“This process is spurring the reintroduction of the Downtown grid, reopening the core to pedestrians, bikers, members of the community and visitors alike. It’s multi-layered, and will help to create a diverse, environmentally-conscious downtown area,” says Steve Bade, Community Development Manager with the City of Redding.

"In ten years, great strides will have been made to diversify housing options to include more transitional and permanent units, both of which are necessary to meet the needs of the community. These developments will change the way our community interacts. Transportation methods will be diversified, particularly with regard to public transit. Downtown will be more bike-friendly, more walkable and more drivable. Since 1972, no one has driven through the area where the Street Circulation Project is in process. That, alone, will change how people navigate the area,” says Bade. “We are trying to create a connection between property owners and business owners to develop a district that functions at a higher level. We want Downtown to be safe, secure, well-lit and active.”

Important Project Updates

Block 7 Update

CA Mixed Use Development Update July 14, 2022:

B1 Commercial Midrise Building (aka Shasta College Tower)

This is a beautiful 29,000 SF - Five level office and retail building. The Ground floor commercial area features approximately 5,500 SF and levels 2-5 include 23,500 SF

The project is currently 55% complete.

Schedule for the next six weeks includes the following highlights

• Framing fifth floor interior walls

• Water proof south side exterior

• Complete level five mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough in work

This is an 18-month overall construction period with initial occupancy by December 2022

B2 Downtown Parking Structure project

The new 138,000 SF, 6 level (64’H), 400 space Downtown Parking Facility (1451 California St) - is complete

• Garage is open to the public - Hours of operation are 6am-10pm with an attendant on site during standard business hours;

• During the month of July parking remains free;

• Beginning August 1, 2022, garage opens 24/7 with a cost of $1 per hour with a daily max of $8 all day

The B3 mixed used use commercial and market rate housing building has been undergoing redesign.

This building will sit between the parking structure and Butte Street and will shield the south side of the parking structure. Ownership is currently reviewing the latest re-design and finalizing – formal construction drawings.

• It will have a footprint of about 5900 SF (125’X47’) and be 5 stories high (60’) – the ground level includes about 3500 SF of commercial space plus all the stairs elevators storage and mechanical room.

• Floors two through five include 20 residential units made up of a mix of one and two bedroom units.

• Depending timing of the plans and approvals - Construction could start the Fall of 2022 and be completed with 12- 18 months

Affordable Housing Mixed Use Project - B 4, 5 and 6

The project sits between Butte and Yuba Streets and features 11,000 SF of commercial space at level one, and a mix of one and two bedroom units in levels two through four, along with community spaces and common areas all totaling 102,000 gross SF. the 78 unit – 100% affordable housing project is making great progress.

Currently the project is 62% complete

Schedule for the next six weeks includes the following highlights –

• Building 4:

• Install drywall at levels three and four

• Install exterior metal trim and siding

• Install interior doors and trim

• Remove scaffolding

• Building 5:

• Install drywall at hallways and mechanical chases at levels two, three and four

• Install exterior Z metal

• Install windows

• Building 6

• Framing: beams, floor joists, sheathing, and stand walls at levels tow, three and four

Delivery and setting of the steel starts 1/10 with painting of the steel to follow.

Overall project completion is scheduled for November 2022. Leasing information can be found at


Meet the California Street Mixed Use Development, this multi-phase, multi-building project is well underway in the space formerly occupied by the old California Street parking structure between Tehama and Placer Streets in Downtown Redding.

The north block of the development, located between 1401 and 1495 California Street, between Tehama and Butte Streets, features will be between three and five stories high. The ground floor will house retail and commercial businesses, while the second through fifth floors will serve as commercial office space. The building will also offer six market-rate housing units. A six-level parking structure, offers 398 spaces, will sits between the commercial tower and the mixed-use commercial and market rate housing building.

The middle Block of the development, located between at 1501 and 1595 California Street, between Butte and Yuba Streets, will help to meet the community’s need for affordable housing with the provision of 78 units, in addition to one unit for an on-site manager. The south block, located at 1641 California Street, between Yuba and Placer, is the new home of a surface parking lot that is available to the public. Construction on this development began in June 2020 and is expected to take between two and three years to complete.

Location: 1451 – 1641 California Street

Developer: The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA), The McConnell Foundation, K2 Land and Investment and The City of Redding

Funding: A State Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Grant, additional grant funding and private funding.

Inspiration: The nationally-recognized architecture firm that designed the project was inspired to create a building that was reflective of Redding’s natural beauty and rustic charm.

Amenities: The development is in close proximity to the area shops and restaurants, California Street Labs and the Bike Depot, another impending Downtown project.

Click here to access the CA Street Mixed Use Development photo album.

Meet Market Center. This four-story, 80,000 square foot structure is being built where the old Dicker’s building once was, in the former Downtown Mall. The building is home to an exciting mix of shops, restaurants and affordable housing units. Of the 82 units available, 81 are specifically dedicated to meeting the community’s need for affordable housing, in the form of one, two and three-bedroom units.

Location: 1551 Market Street

Developer: Downtown Redding Investors

Funding: State Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities Funding (AHSC Funding), tax credits and private financing

Inspiration: Designed by Sacramento-based firm called Mogavero Architects, this building draws on the inspiration of Downtown Sacramento, a recently revitalized area

Parking: Underground parking garage with 95 spaces and 18 on-site parking spaces

Amenities: Seven retail units, common space, outdoor plaza area, impending cycle track connecting Downtown Redding to the Sacramento River Trail

Click here to access the Market Center photo album

Meet Placer Heights, the new building on the corner of Placer and Pine Street in Downtown Redding. This four-story, 18,400 square foot property houses an exciting 6,000 square foot restaurant on the ground floor and 16 one-bedroom apartments, two of which are specifically designated as affordable housing units. The units are approximately 625 square feet each.

Location: 1701 Pine Street

Developer: BV Holdings and The City of Redding

Funding: Private and Gap Funding through City of Redding’s Housing Division

Inspiration: Pine Street Lofts, another local building

Parking: 16 units

Amenities: Laundry facilities and bike parking

Click here to access the Placer Heights photo album

Bike Depot Update December 21, 2021: “The depot will be a visitor’s center for transit. It’s a ‘Start Here’ spot for biking and using trails in and around Redding and the North State,” shared Anne Thomas, who will manage the Shasta Bike Depot.

Located next to Redding’s downtown Transit Center, the depot will include a public bike parking garage, classes, community events, an e-bike charging station, guided e-bike tours, and bikeshare. The vision of the depot is to offer amenities that create “comfort, convenience, and enjoyment, for the increasing number of people who choose to walk and bike to get where they want to go,” Thomas said. “This will be a place to find answers to questions, such as ‘Where do I ride?’ ‘What do I wear?’ ‘Where do I find people to ride with?’ ‘How do I put my bike on the bus?’”

“Programming the bike depot to complement the bike network improvements that the City of Redding, Caltrans and SRTA are undertaking is exciting. Imagine a family hopping on bikes near the Sundial Bridge, and easily getting to a downtown destination. Or a person who lives downtown being able to easily access the world-class Sacramento River Trail by bike,” said Rachel Hatch, Senior Program Officer for Community Vitality. “Downtowns that thrive, are those that are bikeable and walkable.”

Bicycle tourism is an important economic driver for the future of Redding, contributing $83 billion to the US economy annually. In addition, it’s a vital option for Redding residents to get around town. “When we give people the resources, skills and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently by bike, they discover the ease and joy of bicycling. People in Redding and Shasta County aren’t just ready for this – they are excited about it,” Thomas said.

The McConnell Foundation’s Bell Plaza bike depot, café and outdoor courtyard, located on the corner of Shasta and California streets in downtown Redding is visibly taking shape with framing underway. This project is a nod to a piece of Redding’s history at the former Bell Rooms site, while creating a new community amenity.

The Foundation made a 10-year funding commitment to Community Vitality in 2017. This property was the Foundation’s first downtown acquisition and is its first “ground-up” downtown development. The courtyard will be bicycle and pet-friendly.

McConnell selected Trilogy Architecture as the project designer, with its long-term presence and focus downtown. Modern Building Company is the general contractor. The company has several projects under construction in Redding, and has historic restoration experience in Chico and North Carolina.

The Foundation is seeking a café operator that will serve fresh local foods, featuring indoor and outdoor seating. “Our café goal is for it to serve as a lively downtown spot; a place to linger and visit over food and beverages, with options for grab & go. Refuel, explore, repeat,” said Hatch. Key components of community vitality overlap in this project. Active lifestyles, local foods, adaptive reuse, surrounded by small businesses, housing, arts and culture.”

Bell Plaza will open to the public in the winter of 2022.


At 1313 California Street, just across from the California Street Mixed Use Development, the Bike Depot, complete with a gated plaza and a bike-friendly café, will invite Downtown residents and visitors alike to consider biking as more than just recreation, but as a viable means of traversing the Downtown area. The bike depot will feature a bike share program and be operated by Shasta Living Streets. The Foundation will own The Bicycle Bell café, but will select an operator through a request for qualifications process. The gated courtyard with outdoor seating is intended to be a bike- and pet-friendly public space.

With the revitalization efforts bringing new structures, the reintroduction of streets, and increased mobility in Downtown, the Bike Depot is a timely addition to the landscape. The facility fosters an interest in a healthy, active, environmentally-conscious lifestyle that is consistent with the new Downtown.

Meet the New Shasta County Courthouse, the 166,687 square foot building slated for completion in Fall of 2021. The new facility, bound by Court, Oregon, Yuba and Butte Streets, will include 14 court rooms with holding cells connected to each one, in addition to jury deliberation rooms, a self-help center, a children’s waiting room, and attorney/client conference rooms. The new courthouse will consolidate three current facilities – the main courthouse, the annex and the juvenile court – under a single roof, with increased privacy, safety, circulation, efficiency and ADA compliance.

Click here to access the Shasta County Courthouse photo album.

July 14, 2022 Update: Block 7 Streets and Circulation Project (California Alley from Tehama to Yuba; Butte and Yuba from the alley to California street)

Plans are approved and contractors have started infrastructure work at the north end of the California Alley near Tehama. All this work is coinciding with the adjacent building projects as they make progress – basically starting north and incrementally working south.

Work started in December of 2021 with underground utility work at the north end of the alley; crews have made progress working on the California street frontage adjacent to the parking structure, installing new sidewalks and landscape planters.

Over all the projects is currently 30% complete. Crew will focus on the following areas as shown:

- East Side of Parking Garage - 05/24/22 - 06/29/22

- Yuba Street - 06/30/22 - 08/19/22

- California Alley and Butte Street - 08/22/22 - 11/15/22

- B1 commercial building frontages - 09/21/22 - 11/15/22

Overall B7 streets and circulation work will be 100% complete in spring 2023


Streets that haven’t been driven upon in nearly fifty years are being reintroduced to the downtown landscape through the Street Circulation Project. As a part of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant for the redevelopment of downtown, Market Street will be reintroduced from Tehama to Yuba Street. Yuba and Butte Streets will open to multiple modes of traffic and there will be a cycle track created on California Street from Yuba to Division Street.

Click here to access the Street Circulation Project photo album.

Downtown Shade Trees

The City of Redding is enhancing the downtown area with the addition of 101 new shade trees. These trees will be planted primarily in the space between Court, Trinity, South and East Streets. The project is the direct result of a September 2018 grant that the City applied for and received. The $256,000 grant was funded through CalFire and the California Climate Investments program.

Shade Trees
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