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Virtual Public Parking Meetings

Thank you for continued support of and interest in Downtown Redding! The City of Redding invites you to participate in one of the 3 follow-up meetings to a parking analysis conducted by Dixon Resources Unlimited for the City of Redding.

The next phase of the process is to update the City of Redding municipal code in order to modernize the code and prepare the City for new types of technology that may be available in regards to parking and micro-mobility options.

The meetings provide three opportunities to attend and to hear a summary of the proposed code changes, to highlight the findings and recommendations in the operational needs assessment and for the public to provide additional feedback. The final draft of the code changes will be provided prior to a City Council meeting likely scheduled on February 1, 2022.

◾The first meeting is this afternoon, Tuesday, December 7th on Zoom, from 3pm to 4pm.

◾The second meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8th from 10:30am to 11:30am

◾The third meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 14th from 12pm to 1pm.

The following Zoom meeting link and information can be used to attend all three of these virtual public meetings:

Meeting ID: 898 2743 6995

Passcode: 773854

Where to Park

During the construction period over the next few years, downtown parking availability will vary. The City is proactively exploring additional parking resources to ensure consistent and convenient parking for all; employees, patrons, students and residents.

The map below includes free public parking as well as metered parking, and will be updated as additional parking resources become available. As phases of the projects are completed, parking will come back online in new and different ways.


To support Downtown businesses, the City enforces 2-hour on-street parking zones highlighted in yellow and purple on the map below, Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm. For longer duration parking needs, all off-street public parking lots and unsigned on-street parking spaces are currently free of charge. Thanks for supporting downtown Redding!

2021 Update

The underground private parking facility below the Market Center project is now open and can be accessed from the Yuba Street connection to the Pine Street Alley. The new parking facility provides an additional 83 parking spaces to Downtown with an additional private 18 spaces on the ground floor of Market Center. The parking rate is $1.00 per hour and the facility is open to the public 24/7. More detailed information is available at under 1551 Market Street Garage.

Key Parking Information

Legend for downtown parking map

Download and print a parking map

The City of Redding will be updating printable flyers and posters to help the community stay apprised of parking options and changes downtown.

Please continue to check back for the latest versions or reference the interactive map above for current parking options.

8.5x11 (pdf) *updated 7.19.2021

Downtown Redding Parking Strategy

Downtown Redding Parking Strategy

The goal of this Downtown Redding Parking Strategy is to make the most efficient use of all public and private parking spaces in Downtown Redding, while planning for potential future demands that may necessitate the turnover of on-street parking spaces and the use of additional off-street parking. As construction commences on several significant new Downtown developments including the removal of the California Street Parking Structure, there will be a period of a few years when parking will be required to shift to alternative locations throughout Downtown to make use of the existing capacity.

Downtown Redding Parking Strategy covers questions like:

  • How has this all been planned?
  • What issues need to be addressed?
  • Is there enough parking supply to satisfy the demand?
  • Where else can I park?
  • Alternative modes of transportation

Why is the California Parking Garage being removed?

1. The California Street Parking Garage was built in the 1970's and is in need of significant repair or replacement. As it stands, the Downtown Parking program is not self-sufficient with revenues falling well short of needs for maintenance, repair and replacement.

2. Through a recent State grant award, the City is making efforts to restore the Downtown street grid in accordance with the Downtown Specific Plan. This will open up streets to traffic through the Promenade and support revitalization efforts for Downtown.

3. The parking garage currently occupies 3 very valuable blocks of Downtown real estate that would be better utilized with more active uses; such as, mixed-use development (housing, restaurants, retail & office space) and a more compact parking garage. State grant funding and a public/private partnership will provide the needed revenue to accomplish these efforts.

Is There Enough Parking to Handle the Demand?

City Public Works staff has gathered a considerable amount of data related to current parking supply and demand by collecting data from several sources including, physical counts and interviews with business owners, property owners, commercial realtors, and more. Based on the parking model developed by the City’s consultant, parking will be tight immediately following the removal of the California Street Parking Garage, but should not dip below "demand" during construction periods. As parking comes back online with the completion of projects, Downtown Redding should fill about 75% of the parking supply during the busiest times of the day.

The Core Area Downtown focuses on the specific blocks surrounding the California Street Parking Garage. The Figure 1 graph shows the number of parking spaces available by percentage and timeline. The Strategy Area Downtown encompasses a wider Downtown area to provide additional parking resources. This plan could potentially include leased parking lots, additional metered parking spaces, and other alternatives to provide additional parking while construction projects are underway.

What Does the Timeline Look Like for Parking Changes?

quick timeline overview starting in Oct2019 and running through 2023. parking will go up and down as construction takes place but we will end overall with a net loss of about 40 spaces.

How Far Away Will Parking Be?

Walking Distance Downtown-Fig.1

Once the California Street Parking Garage is removed, Fig.1 shows an average walking distance from surrounding parking areas to downtown establishments.

Common Walking Distances- Fig. 2

For comparison, Fig 2 shows the same walking distance and applies it to large parking lots around town. The average walking distance downtown will not be any further than the walk from the back of the parking lots at Costco, Target or the Redding Civic Auditorium.

Lastly, we want to hear from you!