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FY 2022 Budget

Division 3: Public Safety

255 Housing and Economic Development Office

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Budget History

Program Description

The Town of Provincetown has had the creation and retention of affordable and community housing as a top goal since 1997 and has aggressively pursued many housing strategies to do so. The Provincetown Community Housing Office was created under Art. 9 at the April 2007 Annual Town Meeting with Community Preservation Funds for the provision of direct staff support for housing activities. Traditionally, CPA funds have been used to fund the Housing Office in whole or in part. Beginning with FY ’18, CPA support was reduced to 50% and then to 25% with the balance of the housing budget folded into the Town’s general budget and the remaining portion funded through CPA funds. The FY 2022 budget is presented with 100% of the budget in the general fund. Following the 2019 Camoin Economic Development Analysis it became apparent that the housing crisis impacts every sector of the economy and is THE most important to address. The 2020 COVID pandemic has accentuated the need to provide resources for people to maintain and find housing. The Housing Office serves to advance efforts to create new community housing opportunities as well as preserve existing community housing options for residents of Provincetown. The Housing Specialist serves as the Town’s point person on all community housing plans, proposals, and activities as well as other related housing work. Administrative support is provided to the Community Housing Council, the Provincetown Year Round Market Rate Rental Housing Trust, the Community Preservation Committee, and the Economic Development Committee, including attendance at meetings, budgeting, and following up on CPA requests.

Budget Statement

The proposed budget continues the Housing Office staffed with a full-time [40 hours/week] Housing Specialist (Funded 100% in the General Fund and 0% in the CPA Fund), related benefit costs are incorporated into the Town’s 910 budget, and an expense budget for education, travel, and advertising.

Major Accomplishments for 2020

Year Round Rental Trust: 2020’s focus was completion of the renovation of Harbor Hill [building #5 completed in May 2019, buildings #4, 6, & 7 completed in March 2020]. Harbor Hill reached 100% occupancy in October 2020. Property management under the Community Development Partnership began in January 2019 and continues. Dr. Nutt-Powell completed a Capital Needs Assessment in March 2020 pro-bono. A financial analysis is underway by Bev Gallo of Peregrine Urban Initiative to conduct a deep dive into budgets, gaps, rents, resources, and options. The Housing Specialist is staff liaison and works closely with the Trustees.

Housing Authority expansion made a giant leap forward with CPA funding assistance and acquisition of abutting property at 46 Harry Kemp Way.
Worked with various Outer Cape entities to provide assistance through various loans and grants to individuals and businesses suffering impacts due to COVID-19.
The Buy-Down Program was rolled out: As part of the Pathway to Ownership and with CPA funding assistance, a new program was offered coupled with the Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance; providing one household the opportunity to buy-down a market rate home with $185,000. Two existing deed-restricted ownership units were also sold to income eligible owners.
The Bas Relief Restoration was completed. Unfortunately, due to COVID, no Provincetown 400 events took place in 2020.
Economic Development Committee: worked with EDC to continue micro and macro grant cycle, sending award letters, working with grantees, and working on the FY 2021 round.

FY 2022 Objectives

  • Work with Community Housing Council to implement various strategies to assist residents maintain housing and create new housing opportunities through various programs such as the down-payment & closing cost program, local voucher program, and others.
  • Continue to work with the Year Round Market Rate Rental Housing Trust on stabilization of the Harbor Hill property following the full first-year of rent-up of Harbor Hill; building on the Capital Needs Assessment and Financial Analysis.
  • Work with Town Manager & Staff to implement the housing development concepts for housing development at various sites including the VFW lot and current police station site [26 Shank Painter Rd.].
  • Work with Housing Authority to develop expansion plans for senior & family housing.
  • Work with community to develop strategies for summer workforce housing including J1 students.
  • Work with the Economic Development Committee, SB, and Staff to implement the Economic Development goals and strategies outlined in the Camoin report.

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