Town of Provincetown

FY 2024 Budget

Division 4 Public Works

431 DPW Solid Waste & Recycling Operations

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditues

Budget History

Program Description

This budget provides for the pick-up and disposal of residential solid waste and recycling. The 431 budget covers costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the transfer station and special collection events such as hazardous waste collection days. All disposal tipping fees and transportation costs for municipal solid waste (MSW) and single stream recycling are covered under this budget.

Increased recycling efforts throughout Town have kept MSW tonnage to consistent levels over the past few years and offset the overall costs of our contractual transportation and disposal operations.

Budget Statement

We have increased the personnel budget for an additional Skilled Staff employee. This will help the Sanitation Department with town trash pickup as well as help at the Transfer Station during the busy summer months.

Major Accomplishments for 2023

The Town received a $7,200 grant from DEP for our recycling initiatives and will use the money this year to replace our again rolls off's with new.

FY 20234 Objectives

Maintain operational efficiencies and explore options to offset current market trends for recycling and solid waste options. Also find a solution to our swap shop building and get that program up and running for spring.

Staffing Detail

Performance / Workload Indicators