Town of Provincetown

FY 2022 Budget

Division 3: Public Safety

299 Parking

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The Parking Department manages the parking system in PROVINCETOWN by coordinating a number of functions including on

and off street parking facilities, parking meters and kiosks, permits, regulations and enforcement. Provincetown has two

manned parking lots, four metered parking zones and eleven on-street kiosk parking zones representing 1109 revenue

producing parking spaces. The Department serves thousands of residents and visitors each season.

Budget Statement

Personnel expenditures is payroll used to pay the employees of the Parking Department and the seasonal employees at the parking lots. Operating expenditures is used to pay for any bills incurred during the season for supplies, energy and any maintenance. The Department is going through a transitional phase as new systems are installed and responsibilities are restructured. The FY21 Budget reflects these initial changes to staff and operations.

Major Accomplishments for 2020

  • Town hired an Emergency Management & Transportation Coordinator to oversee Parking Department operations.
  • PARCS equipment with License Plate Recognition Technology was installed in the Macmillan Pier Lot and Grace Hall Parking Lot.
  • Staffing positions and responsibilities were restructured to increase efficiency and reduce department overhead.

FY 2022 Objectives

FY 2021 objectives center on maximizing data collection and synthesis with the new PARCS equipment to enhance the customer experience and generate greater revenue for Town Goods and Services. The Department also looks to create new parking zones for visitors, while implementing systems to better regulate current resident parking. As transit options continue to grow, the Parking Department will be rolled into an over-arching Transportation Department to better coordinate the network of multimodal and intermodal transit operations between existing bike, ferry, taxi, and airport services.

in both of the manned lots as well as a review of the cost of parking and Provincetown Parking permits.

Staffing Detail