Town of Provincetown

FY 2024 Budget

Division 2: Finance

136 Information Systems

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

Town Meeting April 2000 authorized the addition of an MIS Coordinator to town staff. Since that time, the MIS Department has expanded to include a staff consisting of an MIS Director and two full-time staffers.

Since FY2006, the Town has been providing MIS services to Provincetown Public Schools. The consolidation of this function means a single resource is responsible for the 250+ nodes between the school system and the Town. One department overseeing both technology operations is much more efficient than two separate, disjointed systems sharing similar challenges. We look to continue this evolving relationship in FY2024.

Budget Statement

For the B Budget, the MIS Department is requesting an additional $36,500, which represents modest increases in line items 527115 Hardware Refresh, 534100 Telecommunications, and 558310 Software & Licenses. The individual amounts are specified in their respective FY2024 Additional Budget Request forms.

Major Accomplishments for 2022

• The ongoing support of secure remote access, allowing Town and School officials to efficiently work from outside the office in a post-Covid world.

• The ongoing support of remote public meetings, combining traditional in-person techniques with videoconferencing capabilities and collaboration features.

• The ongoing support of the Town’s online permitting and licensing system.

• The ongoing support of OpenGov, a web-based data visualization solution that provides management reporting of the Town’s financials.

• Mapping updates to structures and parcels.

• The provisioning of user accounts for several new hires, as well as one-on-one training for key enterprise systems.

• The provisioning of various mobile devices and tablets.

• Server and networking upgrades throughout Town

• The deployment of a new backend for emergency alerts, providing a modern interface for both end-users and administrators.

• Participation in the second year of a State-sponsored cybersecurity awareness training.

FY 2023 Objectives

  1. The implementation of additional OpenCape fiber connections.
  2. Improve collaboration workflows by widely adopting and leveraging existing resources, such as Microsoft OneDrive, by June 30, 2023.
  3. Mitigate security risks by retiring legacy systems by June 30, 2023

Staffing Detail

527115 Hardware Refresh

527115 Hardware Refresh. This line item provides funding to systematically cycle out equipment on a regular basis. It funds lease contracts for desktop and laptop computers, which guarantees a lifecycle of no more than three years. The FY24 request for this line item is $70,000, which covers the addition of mobile tablets in the Town’s fire and rescue vehicles.

530000 Contracted Serv- Prof/Tech

530000 Contracted Serv- Prof/Tech. The MIS Department requests $5,000 to cover the cost of an annual IT audit.

532100 Training

The MIS Department requests $7,500 to cover the cost of ongoing professional development.

558300 Supplies – Computer Hardware

Printer supplies are centralized, and the MIS Department requests $20,000 for the ever-increasing demand for these consumables. $11,500 is requested for computer and server hardware. A request of $500 is made for office supplies. And $1,000 is requested for telephone MACs (moves, adds, changes).

534100 Telecommunications

Centralizing phone and Internet expenses allows the MIS Department to better manage the Town’s telecommunications infrastructure. The FY24 request reflects a $15,000 increase due to the addition of several new lines of service, as well as mobile broadband for tablets in the fire and rescue vehicles.

558310 Network, Software and Licenses.

  • Request of $14,000 will allow for Software Upgrades for new and existing implementations.
  • Annual subscriptions for security services provided by the SonicWALL firewalls and Extreme wireless access points in each location. $25,000 is requested.
  • MIS requests $3,500 to cover the annual costs of maintaining the Town’s GIS software from ESRI.
  • Centralized backup, cloud-based storage for redundancy, is an integral part of our backup strategy. $30,000 covers our maintenance agreement with Barracuda.
  • Current subscription for Security Software. $11,500 covers our annual maintenance agreement for endpoint protection.
  • Annual maintenance agreement for the AIMS parking software will be $25,000.
  • Town’s Parking Lot Software. $11,000 is requested to cover maintenance.
  • MIS is requesting $15,000 to cover Server Annual Maintenance for several key systems.
  • Munis - $52,000 will cover the ongoing services provided by our annual support contract with Tyler Technologies.
  • Requests $60,000 to cover annual cost of our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.
  • Support cost for the Assessor’s database (PKS) is $8,000.
  • CivicPlus hosts the Town’s website and offers unified content management. Requests $13,000, which represents the addition of Monsido for advanced accessibility management.
  • $5,000 is requested to fund the Town’s Laserfiche maintenance agreement for the document management system.
  • $20,000 is requested for the annual maintenance agreement for the ShoreTel phone system.
  • $19,000 is requested to fund the annual maintenance agreement for PeopleGIS, which covers the MapsOnline and PeopleForms service that integrates our GIS mapping data with into the town’s website.
  • $26,000 is requested to fund the annual maintenance agreement for Permitting Software in Community Development.
  • MIS is requesting $36,500 to cover the annual maintenance for OpenGov financials.
  • $10,000 is requested in FY24 to cover our subscription to Adobe software.
  • Requests $2,000 to cover our maintenance agreement with Bomgar, which provides us with remote control capabilities of client desktops and servers.
  • We use KACE for asset management and workstation deployment. $3,500 covers associated costs.
  • Airwatchfor centrally provisioning and manageing mobile devices and tablets. $3,500 is requested to cover annual maintenance.
  • $1,500 is requested to cover maintenance for PowerBroker, which we use for privilege management.
  • $3,000 covers the cost of maintenance of VMWare, which handles our virtual environment.
  • ArchiveSocial captures the activity of the Town’s social media accounts. $4,000 is requested.
  • Town’s vehicle charging stations through Voltrek. $1,000 is requested for this purpose.
  • Request $2,000 for the maintenance of MySeniorCenter, an online database for the Council on Aging.
  • SmartSheet is a project an online management platform. $1,500 is requested for this subscription.
  • For the various survey needs, $2,500 is requested for the annual subscription of SurveyMonkey.
  • MIS requests $50,000 to fund Granicus in FY24 for short-term rental monitoring and compliance.
  • NearMap provides aerial imagery for GIS and mapping needs. $7,500 is requested for annual maintenance.
  • $11,0000 is requested for Envisio which is used by DPW to manage projects and performance.
  • Requests $5,000 for CodePro, a fully digital, mobile inspection platform.

573200 Books and Subscriptions

The MIS Department is requesting $500 to fund reference material, which includes subscriptions to various industry periodicals, as well as books that provide product literature.

FY 2024 Additional Budget Request

Additional Amount Requested: $8,000

Budget Line: (527115) Hardware Refresh

One Time Only or Ongoing Expense? Ongoing

Description of Additional Program, Product or Service:

This additional funding request covers the cost of tablets in the fleet of Fire and Rescue vehicles.

Cost/Benefit Analysis:

This additional funding request covers the cost of tablets in the fleet of Fire and Rescue vehicles.

Additional Amount Requested: $10,000

Budget Line: (534100) Telecommunications

One Time Only or Ongoing Expense? Ongoing

Description of Additional Program, Product or Service:

This supplemental funding covers the cost of mobile broadband in the fire and rescue vehicles, as well as the addition of several lines of service for other departments.

Cost/Benefit Analysis:

Mobile broadband allows the fire and rescue vehicles to maintain a real-time connection to critical services when out in the field.

Additional Amount Requested: $93,000

Budget Line: (558310) Software & Licenses

One Time Only or Ongoing Expense? Ongoing

Description of Additional Program, Product or Service:

This request addresses the typical increase in annual maintenance for several service providers, as well as the addition of several mission-critical enterprise solutions, including Granicus for short-term rental property monitoring, NearMap for GIS, Envisio for project management, and CodePro for mobile inspections.

Cost/Benefit Analysis:

This line item covers many mission-critical services that require ongoing annual maintenance, including security providers.