Town of Provincetown

FY 2022 Budget

Division 5: Public Services

512 Human Services

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible for several critical programs serving Town residents:

(1) Town Human Services Grant Program: The DHS Director serves as liaison to the Human Services Committee,

scheduling and attending meetings, maintaining communication with grant recipients and applicants, reviewing reports and providing direct Committee and recipient support.

(2) Town Contract with the Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod (VNA): Under the supervision of the DHS

Director, VNA nursing services and monthly clinics are provided to under-insured and at-risk residents.

(3) Administration of the John A. Henry Trust Fund: Financial assistance is provided to Provincetown families with

children birth through 18 years of age, administered through a Human Services grant contract with Cape Cod Children’s Place.

(4) Human Services Round Table Forums: In an effort to strengthen communication and collaboration among

Human Services providers, the DHS Director organizes and facilitates bi-annual Human Services Round Table

meetings with Town departments, local Human Services providers and community partners.

(5) Social Services Position: The DHS Director coordinates a part-time social services position through Gosnold on

Cape Cod that offers benefit program application assistance to town residents of all ages on a weekly basis.

(6) Human Services Office Space: The DHS Director manages VMCC Human Services office space.

Clerical support for all DHS programs is provided by the DHS Administrative Assistant.

Budget Statement

The FY2022 512 budget has decreased.

Personnel: The salary for the part-time Administrative Assistant position was moved to the 541 COA budget to reflect a full-time position (no changes in hours for the position).

Operating Expenses: Decreased due to pandemic-related changes in operations. These cuts will need to be evaluated in the next budget cycle.

Major Accomplishments for FY 2020

  1. During the FY2021 grant process, the Human Services Committee recommended funding for 13 Human Services grant applications, including one new agency, totaling $64,300. Every FY2020-funded agency continued to provide services beyond the fiscal year until the appropriation was approved at the September Annual Town Meeting.
  2. The Town Contract with the VNA continued to serve at-risk residents in greatest need, supporting their ability to maintain health and independence at home (entire fiscal year), as well as monthly blood pressure clinics for residents and Town staff (pre-pandemic). Continuity of care has been especially critical for at-risk residents during this difficult year.
  3. Due to an anticipated increase in need at the onset of the pandemic, the Select Board approved a request from the Human Services Committee to supplement the annual limit of $20,000 by $5,000. Twenty-six families representing 33 individual children received financial assistance through the John A. Henry Trust Fund for a total of $21,298, a 26% increase in the number of children served over FY2019. Most grants were for childcare and housing costs. Children and families also benefitted from additional services, including 130 referrals for additional support services.
  4. One Human Services Round Table was held with 26 member organizations included. Due to the panemic, a spring meeting was cancelled; however, participants have been involved in regularly scheduled pandemic-focused Meeting Needs Group sessions organized by the Health Department. Round tables will resume post-pandemic.

FY 2022 Objectives

To continue to support and strengthen social services for Town residents through the Town Human Services Grant Program, the Town Contract with VNA, the John A. Henry Trust Fund, Human Services Round Table Forums, a social services position through Gosnold of Cape Cod and the provision of office space to Human Services agencies.

Performance / Workload Indicators