Town of Provincetown

FY 2024 Budget

Division 3: Public Safety

295 Marine/Harbormaster

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Statements of Function FY2023

Our FY24 budget is reflecting several important and positive changes made over the past year. The budget also reflects the synergies enabled by continuing the relationship with PPPC for coordination with the Harbormaster Department. We encourage you to renew this agreement at your earliest opportunity as it continues the considerable cost savings in the coming fiscal year.

BACKGROUND: On March 29, 2005, pursuant to Chapter 13 of the Acts of 2000, the Board of Selectmen entered into a twenty-year lease of MacMillan Pier and a five-year Marine Management Agreement (MMA) to provide harbormaster and other marine-related services with the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation. The MMA assigned operational responsibility of the Harbormaster Department to the Pier Corporation. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed June 15th, 2015. The MOU clarified key operational, financial and reporting elements. The Pier Corporation worked with the Select Board and Town Manager to revise and sign a new MOU and Marine Service Agreement (MSA) which has now separated the roles of Pier Manager and Harbormaster.

FUNCTION OF THE HARBORMASTER DEPARTMENT: The Harbormaster Department is primarily concerned with marine and public safety, law enforcement and resource protection in Provincetown Harbor and safety on MacMillan Pier. The Harbormaster serves many harbor users, including commercial fishermen, recreational boaters, waterfront property owners and the general public. The Harbormaster is governed by M.G.L. Chapters 91 (Moorings) and 90B (Marine Safety) and enforce Federal, State and Town regulations and laws. The Harbormaster also coordinates enforcement efforts and training with the U.S. Coast Guard, the State Environmental Police and the Provincetown Police & Fire Departments as well as liaise with other regional groups to move forward with Town goals and operational considerations. The current Marine Services Agreement outlines a cooperative relationship between Pier Management and Harbormaster staff.

HARBORMASTER ROUTINE ACTIVITIES: HM services include traffic control, pump-outs, overnight shifts and work on the harbor in season. In the off season, the work of the Harbormaster continues with grant writing, planning and permitting work and with the handling of storm issues in the harbor and on the beaches. The Harbormaster is on the Town emergency management team, provides staff liaison for the Harbor Committee and serves the Conservation Commission as needed.

REVENUE COLLECTION: In a cooperative effort the Harbormaster Department is assisted by the Pier Corporation staff who collects moorings fees that are transferred directly to the Town. In addition, the Pier Corporation processes the collection of embarkation fees on behalf of the Town from the three Fast Ferry companies that dock at MacMillan Pier.

PERSONNEL: The Harbormaster staff focuses on marine and pier safety as well as addressing Harbor Plan implementation, hazard and emergency response, and environmental issues. These personnel are available to support each other, as well as support the Shellfish Constable, Provincetown Public Pier Corporation, and the Provincetown Police Department when needed.

As the recovery from prior COVID 19 restrictions have eased and boating becomes more popular, FY24 indications dictate the importance of having the available staff to keep the pier and waterways safe as the visitor population returns to more typical numbers.

HARBOR PLAN: As staff liaison to the Harbor Committee, the Harbormaster continues to work with Harbor Committee to implement Harbor Plan recommendations. In the last year, a cooperative effort between the Pier Corporation and the Harbor Committee to accomplish common Harbor Plan goals has assisted in accomplishing positive result. The Harbor Plan is a medium range planning tool to guide improvements to infrastructure, identify sensitive environmental issues to be protected and to manage competing uses of the harbor, beaches and piers. The Plan highlights needs associated with climate change and resiliency.

Statement of Goals FY2024

During the coming year, the Harbormaster team hopes to achieve the following goals:

1. Continue improving our mooring information and management.

2. Analyze increasing efficiency of online data base and mooring locations

3. Submit CIP for a new ridged hull patrol boat that will improve our ability to rescue persons from the water and rock jetties.

4. To assure the Federal Facility Security Plan remains viable and is implemented as the numbers of visiting cruise ships increase.

5. Continue implementing solutions to the challenges of the Municipal Harbor Plan.

Staffing Detail