Town of Provincetown

FY 2022 Budget

Division 2: Finance

145 Treasurer/Collector/HR

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The Treasurer, Collector, and Human Resources Offices are responsible for the following Town functions:

• Cash Management • Tax/Assessment Collection • Employee Human Resources

• Tax/Assessment Invoicing • Tax-Title Management • Payroll Processing

• Debt Management • Employee Benefits • Receivable Reconciliation

• Recruiting • Parking Collections/Permits • Trust Fund Administration

• Lien Processing/Removal • Employee Retention • Customer/Employee Service

Budget Statement

The 2022 budget for the 145/Teasurer/Collector/HR Department remains relatively level with the current fiscal year, with the exeption of the personnel budget lines which have been increased pursuant to the fiscal year 2020 union and nonunion compensation plans. One operating budget line (bookbinding) has been elimiated as unnecessary for fiscal year 2022.

Major Accomplishments for 2020

  • Successfully transitioned parking permit processing to the Collector's Office, and established online parking permit sales.
  • Expanded the Payroll and Benefits Manager Position to Human Resources Manager; increasing engagement, access, and service provided to employees and retirees.
  • Reduced tax-title balances by 37%.

FY 2022 Objectives

  • The Human Resources Office will continue to expand on and improve the functions that were consolidated into it during fiscal year 2020 to assist all current, future, and former Town employees.
  • The Collector’s Office will continue the process of streamlining and solidifying the merging of parking ticket/parking permit payments from the Parking Department, and reducing outstanding balances on tax and other bills.
  • The Treasurer’s Office will utilize historically low interest rates to refund current debt to reduce interest expenses, and work toward a zero-dollar tax title balance as well as continuously safe and fruitful return on Town funds.

Staffing Detail

Staffing Detail