Town of Provincetown

FY 2022 Budget

Water Enterprise Fund

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The Water Department is responsible for providing its customers with safe, high quality drinking water adhering to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) drinking water regulations.

• The Department operates and maintains three groundwater sources located within the Town of Truro: the Knowles Crossing Wellfield consisting of three gravel packed wells; the Paul Daley Wellfield consisting of six active gravel packed wells; and North Union Field consisting of two gravel packed wells.

• Operate and maintain two water treatment facilities: a 1.2 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) membrane filtration facility treating raw water from the Knowles Crossing and Paul Daley wellfields, and a .734 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) corrosion control facility treating the North Union Field wells.

• Provide customer support and billings for over 3,800 accounts

• Operate and maintain over 42 miles of water distribution piping, two water storage facilities totaling 6.4 million gallons, 11 gravel packed wells, two water treatment facilities, one booster pump station, 700 gate valves, 282 fire hydrants, water meter maintenance to over 3,900 meters, and testing of 191 registered

backflow prevention devices.

Budget Statement

The overall FY22 6001 Budget has increased 6.7%. The Operating “B” budget increased $156,409 (9.6%), primarily attributed to increase debt service, while the Personal Services “A” budget increased only 0.5% due to a recent retirement within the Department. Revenues for FY22 are projected to stay consistent with prior years (FY21 peak-season revenues were reduced due to COVID-19). The Water Enterprise Fund remains healthy, with FY20 ending in a surplus to retained earnings.

Major Accomplishments for 2020

• Completion of Lower Conant and Lower Montello Water main replacement
• Successfully completed final design of Knowles Crossing Water Distribution Storage Facility
• Completion of EPA required UCMR4 sampling
• Voluntary PFAS monitoring on all entry points to distribution system

FY 2022 Objectives

• Continued leak detection in an effort to reduce unaccounted-for-water in an effort to meet 10% standard

• Complete construction of Knowles Crossing Water Distribution Storage Facility

• Redevelop three gravel packed wells at Knowles Crossing wellfield

• Integrate SCADA system upgrades to include enhanced security and more efficient operation

• Finalize Emergency Response Plan updates as required by EPA

Staffing Detail

Performance/Workload Indicators