Town of Provincetown

FY 2024 Budget

Division 4 Public Works

422 Highway

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of Route 6, all Town roads, snow plowing and removal, street sweeping, drainage structure maintenance, outfall pipe reconstruction, sidewalk maintenance, line painting and many other tasks as called upon. Whether it is the dead of night during a blizzard or at 4 A.M. the morning after Carnival; the Highway Department is an essential part of the Department of Public Works and keeps this Town functioning on a daily basis, no matter the task at hand.

Budget Statement

This budget has had no significant changes.

Major Accomplishments for 2023

This Department remains busy during all times of the year and they help many other departments as well. This year they rebuilt their salt shed and cleaned up their facility. This is all in addition to their regular duties such as line painting and street sweeping as well as a very busy 4th of July and Carnival.

FY 2024 Objectives

The Department continues our efforts to perform more road, drainage and other infrastructure work internally rather than depending on costly contractor services. We are systematically replacing aging drainage infrastructure on a yearly basis which is essential. Snow removal efforts are always counted upon and the Department continually delivers; so long as our equipment and facilities are maintained and in sound working order.

Staffing Detail