Town of Provincetown

FY 2024 Budget

Division 2: Finance

145 Treasurer/Collector/HR

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The Treasurer/ Collector and Human Resources offices are responsible for the following Town functions:

  • Cash Management
  • Customer/ Employee Service
  • Debt Management
  • Employee Benefits/ Human Resources
  • Employee Retention
  • Lien Processing/ Removal
  • Payroll Processing
  • Receivables Reconciliation
  • Recruiting
  • Tax/ Assessment Invoicing and Collection
  • Tax Title Management
  • Trust and Gift Fund Administration

Budget Statement

The FY24 operating expenditure budget for the Teasurer/ Collector and HR Department remains relatively level with the FY23 budget with the exception of Education Incentive which has been eliminated. The FY24 personnel expenditure budget has been increased pursuant to the FY23 union and non-union compensation plans. The department positions have been reorganized, combining the Treasurer and Collector positions and a reclass to the previous Tax Collector position - now known as the Revenue Officer.

Major Accomplishments for FY 2022

  • Successfully transitioned to the new Treasurer/Collector position and hired a new HR Director.
  • Successfully continued to modernize office functions to online options after covid-19 adjustments.
  • Processing parking permits in the Collector's office.
  • Established online parking permit sales and other online bill payment options.

FY 2024 Objectives

  • The Human Resources office will continue to assist all current, future and former Town employees.
  • The Human Resources office will continue to work towards moving department timesheets and time off requests being in an electronic format.
  • The Tax Collector's office will continue to reduce outstanding balances on tax and other bills.
  • The Treasurer’s office will work toward a zero-dollar tax title balance.
  • The Treasurer/ Collector will continue to implement and use available technology and software to better serve Town Hall employees and residents.

Staffing Detail