Financial Transparency

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In service to our commitment to financial transparency, Provincetown strives to make accessible its financial information from department budgets and expenses to revenues and detailed transactions. On this page, you'll find you'll find summarized financial information and important frequently asked questions. Simply click on the graphs or icons to dive deeper into the the Town's financial information.

Understanding Town Expenses

Expenses show how the Town spends its money. A lot of consideration and strategy is put behind budgeting how the Town spends money to provide the best services for the community.

How much does Provincetown spend on Education?

Education expenses include salaries, supplies, athletics, early learning program activities, federal and state grant programs, student activity funds and other education related costs.

How much does the Town spend on Personnel?

This section reports personnel expenditures for all funds and all activities of the Town including full time, part time and seasonal employees.

How much does Provincetown spend on Public Safety?

Here you will find general fund expenditures for the Public Safety Division which includes Police, Fire, Ambulance, Community Development, Emergency Management, Harbor and Parking Departments.

How much does the Town spend on Technology and Information Systems?

Technology and Information Systems include hardware, software, licensing and telecommunication expenditures for all Town departments.

How much does Provincetown spend on Capital Projects?

The Town's capital improvement plan is presented annually with the operating budget. This view shows the annual capital expenditures for all funds.

How much does the Town spend on State and County charges?

These are the annual charges from Barnstable County and the Commonwealth of MA for educational, regional transit and other state charges.

How much does the Town spend on Public Works?

This division includes expenditures in the general fund for Buildings & Grounds, Public Works, Highway, Snow & Ice, and Solid Waste & Recycling departments.

How much does Provincetown spend on Tourism?

Tourism Fund expenditures are appropriated by Town Meeting for marketing, promotional events, municipal projects, beautification and coordination & support. The Tourism budget is funded by thirty-five percent (35%) of Provincetown's local room tax proceeds.

How much does the Town spend on Public Services?

General Fund expenditures for Human Services, Council on Aging, Library and Recreation departments are included in the Public Services Division.

How are my property tax dollars spent?

Click here to see dollar for dollar how your property tax payment is spent!

How much has the Town spent so far this year?

Understanding Town Revenues

Revenues are the monies that come into the Town from various sources, like taxes, grants or charges for services. Provincetown works to maximize every dollar of revenue to best benefit the community.

Where does the Town get its money?

Tax revenue, federal and state grant revenue, local receipts, investment income, donations and bond proceeds are examples of the various types of funding sources the Town receives annually.

How much revenue has Provincetown received so far this year?

Annual receipts for all departments and all funds are presented in this story.

How much money does the Town receive in taxes?

Real estate, personal property, CPA, Landbank and excise are the primary tax receipts for the Town.

How much revenue is received via Enterprise Funds?

The Water and Wastewater Enterprise Funds (WEF & WWEF) collect user charges, service fees and investment income. Additionally cell tower rental receipts are received by the WEF and betterments and thirteen (13%) of the rooms tax are received by the WWEF.

How much does the Town make on on Parking Receipts?

The Town relies on parking receipts to fund its general operating budget and support the parking operations.

How much revenue is received via Special Revenue Funds?

Federal, state and local grant proceeds, gifts, revolving fund fees and receipts reserved for appropriation are among the revenue types received in Special Revenue Funds.

Grant Revenues

In addition to standard revenues, like taxes, the Town regularly pursues grant funds to provide additional financial resources to benefit the Town.

The Town uses these funds to support projects across the community. Most recently, grants have helped to fund projects like:

  • Airport
  • Pier
  • Road Improvements