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Program Description

The Town of Provincetown has had the creation and retention of affordable and community housing as a top goal since 1997 and has aggressively pursued many housing strategies to do so. The Provincetown Community Housing Office was created under Art.9 at the April 2007 Annual Town Meeting with Community Preservation Funds for the provision of direct staff support for housing activities. Traditionally, CPA funds have been used to fund the Housing Office in whole or in part. Beginning with FY ’21, the entire housing budget was folded into the Town’s general budget and was no longer dependent upon CPA funds. Following the 2019 Camoin Economic Development Analysis it became apparent that the housing crisis impacts every sector of the economy and is THE most important issue to address. The 2020 COVID pandemic accentuated the need to provide resources for people to maintain and find housing. The pandemic has further exacerbated the housing crisis with skyrocketing housing sale prices continuing the displacement of year round and seasonal worker housing. The Housing Office serves to advance efforts to create new community housing opportunities as well as preserve existing community housing options for residents of Provincetown. The Housing Specialist serves as the Town’s point person on all community housing plans, programs, and activities as well as other related housing work. Administrative support is provided to the Community Housing Council, the Provincetown Year Round Market Rate Rental Housing Trust, the Community Preservation Committee, and the Economic Development Committee, including attendance at meetings, budgeting, and following up on CPA and ED requests.

Budget Statement

The proposed budget continues the Housing Office staffed with a full-time [40 hours/week] Housing Specialist and a full-time [40 hours/week] Assistant, with related benefit costs incorporated into the Town’s 910 budget, and an expense budget for education, travel, and advertising.

Major Accomplishments 2021/2022

  • As a result of Housing Workshops #1 & #2, joint meetings of the Select Board, the Community Housing Council, and the Year Round Market Rate Rental Housing Trust, a number of articles were submitted to the April 2022 Annual Town Meeting. Town meeting voters overwhelmingly approved development consultants for various Town-owned properties including the VMCC, Route 6 corridor, 30 Creek Road, and Firehouse #2. Town Meeting approved the acquisition of 288A Bradford Street.
  • Town meeting also authorized submitting legislation to amend the distribution of room tax receipts. With the addition of short-term-rental receipts, a new category is to be added for community housing [30% of receipts].
  • Town meeting authorized adjusting the inclusionary zoning in-lieu fees to reflect the real development cost of a unit.
  • Year Round Market Rate Rental Housing Trust: As of October 2020, Harbor Hill is at 100% full occupancy and continues at full-occupancy with a growing waitlist.
  • VFW: In 2021, the Town issued a Request for Proposals for housing development at the VFW site and selected The Community Builders [TCB]. The Town worked closely with TCB on this opportunity to maximize the number of homes. The Zoning Board of Appeals approved the 40B Permit application on 9/29/22 for 65 new rental homes largely targeting low/moderate income. but includes some workforce and market rate units as well.
  • Housing Authority expansion at Maushope continues in the pre-development stage of expansion. They hired a development consultant, completed a survey of the property and have been working with the sewer team on future connection.
  • The proposed private development of The Barracks progressed through abutter appeal and will move forward to the permitting process. This private development focuses on seasonal workers and off-season students with dormitory style housing for 112 people along with 16 year-round apartments.
  • The Housing Office conducted the sale/resale of 5 homes in 2021/2022; 1 resale of existing home and 4 sales of new homes created under inclusionary zoning.
  • Economic Development Committee: worked with EDC to continue the economic development grant cycle, sending award letters, working with grantees, and working on the FY 2023 round.

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