Town of Provincetown

FY 2024 Budget

Division 2: Finance

141 Board of Assessors

Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

Budget History

Program Description

The primary function of the Assessors’ Office is to estimate, for the purpose of equitable ad valorem taxation, the fair market value of all real property (4,659 accounts), personal property (3,037 accounts), and 226 exempt properties within the Town. The office also performs the administrative functions necessary for annual certification of the property tax rate and prepares the annual real estate (which include Sewer Betterments, Title 5 County Loans & Water/Sewer use liens) and personal property tax commitments. Abatement applications resulting from these commitments—together with applications for statutory exemptions—are processed and recommendations made to the Board of Assessors. The Assessor’s Office is responsible for the annual updating of tax map information. The office also collects, compiles, and analyzes sales data for use in the State-mandated interim year valuation updates as well as a re-certification every 5 years. FY’ 24 is an interim adjustment year. Office staff represents the Town in interactions with the Department of Revenue and the Appellate Tax Board. In addition, the assessing staff administers motor vehicle and boat excise taxes, totaling another 4,720 accounts. The office is responsible for maintaining records concerning the ownership, legal status, and descriptive data of all property in Town and serves as the official source for such data. Relying on that data, the office prepares certified lists of abutters and building Density (Scale) calculations for the regulatory boards.

Budget Statement

  • The Board of Assessor’s FY 2024 Personal Budget increase of 13.54%, is due to step raise eligibility and results of classification/compensation study.
  • The Board of Assessor’s FY 2024 Service Budget will be increased by 15.5%, which includes a new software program that is shared with MIS. This new software is further explained in the additional budget request form. My service budget would have shown a slight decrease with this new program.
  • The overall increase to the Assessor’s FY 2024 budget is 13.77%

FY 2024 Objectives

  • Work to complete a sucessful FY' 2024 Vaulation update.
  • Continue to maintain the accuracy of all Real and Personal Property Values.
  • Work to expand the use of the Assessor’s web page by taxpayers as an information resource. Continue to see if processes that are currently performed manually can be completed on-line.
  • Continue to assist the Select Board and the Town Manager by providing data and analysis to support policies.

Staffing Detail

Performance / Workload Indicators