2022-2023 Budget

Strategic Goals

City of Portage 2025 Vision Statements

City of Portage 2025 Vision Statements

As part of the Portage 2025 Visioning Renewal Event, community members reviewed and renewed past efforts to plan for the future of Portage in seven key areas:

  • Culture & Leisure
  • Economic Development
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Human Services
  • Municipal Services
  • Neighborhoods
  • Transportation

During the Portage 2025 Visioning Renewal Event, participants developed revised visions, top goals and strategies for achieving the contemplated future of Portage in 2025.

2022-2023 Strategic Priorities

The Portage 2025 Vision represents what the City of Portage and its communities strive to be. Strategy Deployment works from that end state and determines how to arrive at the vision. Strategy links the destination of the vision to current capabilities. It is crucial to prioritize projects to be both ambitious and yet fiscally responsible.

The Portage City Council helped to define strategic priorities for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year based on current capabilities, along with citizen expectations. The strategic priorities guide budget decisions and also serve as a reference for 3-5 year objectives and annual performance goals for the city and its departments.