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Fiscal Year 2021-2022

City of Pompano Beach's Strategic Vision

By 2036, Pompano Beach is a superior place to live, visit and locate or expand a business along the Atlantic Coast of South Florida.

POMPANO BEACH is distinguished by: Our Safe Community; Our Sense of Place and Family; Our Distinctive Architecture; Our Award-winning, Beach and Beachfront; Our Range of Leisure, Entertainment, Arts and Cultural Amenities; Our Vibrant Activity Districts throughout the City - Downtown, Innovation, Beach, Isle, Cultural; Our Strong, Diverse Economic Sectors with Ample Employment Opportunities; Our Destination for Regional, National and International Guests; Our Location and Our Reputation for Sustainable, Resilient and Technologically Advanced Development and Redevelopment; Our Stable, Redeveloping Neighborhoods with a Range of Housing Options; Our Diverse Cultures and Inclusive Community; Our Resilient Community.

POMPANO BEACH 2036 is a city of great places with even greater opportunities and offers residents and visitors Florida’s Warmest Welcome!

FY 2022 Adopted Budget

The City of Pompano Beach adopts its operating budget and the five-year capital budget on an annual basis and utilizes TRIM (Truth in Millage Law, passed in 1980 by the Florida State Legislature) designed to keep the public informed about the taxes as proposed by the City.

FY 2022 Budget In a Nutshell

The total City of Pompano Beach adopted budget for FY 2022 is $433,510,744; which represents a 39% increase or a $122.5M increase over the FY 2021 adopted budget of $310,987,988.

The City’s tax base for FY 2022 increased by $824M, for a total of $15,313,447,100. New construction totals $177M. The attraction of the private investments allows the City not only to maintain the same service levels, but also expand its municipal services and maintaining a competitive tax rate.

Although, the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak has presented many financial challenges for the City, staff is still closely monitoring citywide expenditures and revenues, as it is expected that the impacts might prolong in future years. However, during the June and July, 2021 Budget Workshops, staff's proposal to maintain service levels for our residents as well as, the addition of two new facilities, the Youth Sports Complex and Senior Citizen Center, are presented to the City Commission without any increases in fire assessment fees and General Fund operating millage rate for FY 2022. No significat changes occurred between the City's proposed budget to the adopted budget.

Important Steps and Public Participation In The Budget Process

The City's budget process is an annual process that usually runs from November to October of each year. The City of Pompano Beach holds presentations during the June and July budget workshops and two public budget hearings which are videotaped and open to the public every fiscal year. During these meetings the budget is presented to the City Commission and the public for consideration in an extensive, well produced budget presentation and report.

The public is encouraged to educate themselves and be part of the Annual Budget Process. Residents and businesses have the opportunity to serve in approximately 30 different advisory boards and/or attend all monthly or quarterly advisory board meetings. Each year, residents, non-profit agencies and businesses have the opportunity to participate in the June and July budget workshops, Special City Commission Meetings as well as, in two Public Budget Hearings in September. Throughout the year, residents may also voice themselves at about 20 public City Commissions meetings or may contact the City Manager’s Office and the Budget Office, the Mayor, Vice-Mayor or their District Commissioners with any questions or comments.

What Is New For FY 2022?

Although, the City might face many challenges throughout the year such as, aging infrastructure, sea level rise, legislative hurdles and other socio-economic trials; the City continues to expand its services and invest in its infrastructure consistently with its long-term Strategic Plan and Vision to improve quality of life for the residents, businesses and visitors, as follows:

  • Opening two new facilities: The City's Senior Civic Center and the Youth Sports Complex;
  • Resuming Parks and recreation programs impacted by the pandemic;
  • Enhancing cultural arts programming by initiating the Jazz Festival and the Oral History program;
  • Adding 24 new citywide positions;
  • Opening the The Fire Academy Program;
  • Investing in existing and upcoming personnel;
  • Funding and maintaining various parks, streets, streetlights and facilities--the capital improvement projects;
  • Replacing capital equipment such as fire and utility trucks;
  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) federal grants of $10.3 million in the General Fund for public safety expenditures;
  • Free Circuit beach shuttle operations implemented since 2021; and
  • Planning to open its Municipal Charter School for the 2024-2025 school year.

In addition, the City continues to implement its General Obligation Bond funded capital improvement projects, which will enhance our infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, parks and recreation facilities, and public safety facilities. For FY 2022, the City received debt proceeds to continue with Phase II of the General Obligation Bond capital improvement projects. Estimated budget for each category as follows:

  • $38.2 million will go to improve roads, bridges and sidewalks;
  • $11.9 million to enhance and build parks and recreation facilities; and
  • $29.3 million to build public safety facilities.

Visualizing Your City's Budget

FY 2022 Adopted Operating Budget Book

The Adopted Opearating and Line Item Detail budget books for FY 2022 as well as the animated budget videos can be found on our Budget Webpage. You can also browse through Budget Archive for past year's adopted books.

What are the Major Revenue Sources for FY 2022?

Adopted total revenues for Fiscal Year 2022 for the City of Pompano Beach equal $433,510,744: Ad-valorem Taxes 21.6%, sales and use taxes 6.5%, licenses and permits 7.1%, intergovernmental revenues 3.8%, charges for services 17.6%, fines and forfeitures 0.2%, miscellaneous revenues 3.1%, other financing sources 36.2% and fund balance 3.7%. The major revenue sources, based on 5% or higher, total $386,126,502. For Fiscal Year 2022, major revenues account for approximately 89% of total budgeted revenues.

Revenue Forecasting Methods

The revenue estimates for Fiscal Year 2022 are forecasted by the Budget Office and the Treasury Division based on historical trends, City Commission approved rate/fee adjustments, forecasted economic indicators conducted by the State’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR), Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), as well as, the in-house forecasting model. However, each year comes with challenges whether they are legislative challenges, rate changes, and/ or other socio-economic factors.

Revenue Projections

Although, last fiscal year the revenue forecasting was heavily impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, for FY 2022 major revenue categories such as: state revenue sharing, local option gas tax, communication service tax, pari-mutuel (Isle Casino) revenue, half-cent sales tax were adjusted up to the pre-pandemic estimates. In addition, $10.3 million of federal grant ARPA is allocated to cover public safety expenditures. It is important to highlight that for FY 2022 there are no increases in the operating millage rate and the fire assessment fees.

Where Does The Money Go?

The City's budget for FY 2022 is about $433.5 million. Approximately, $146 million of the total budget is dedicated to public safety operations,

Other expenditures account these City functions:

  • Parks, recreation and cultural arts $35 million;
  • Water and stormwater services $55 million;
  • Solid waste operations $10 million;
  • General governmental services $96 million;
  • Debt service $18 million; and
  • Transportation, infrastructure and maintenance $74 million.

Adopted Rates

The City of Pompano Beach adopts its millage rates and fire assessment fees each fiscal year (October, 1 - September, 30).

FY 2022 Millage Rates

The adopted millage rates for FY 2022 are as follows:

  • General Fund operating millage of 5.1875;
  • Emergency Medical Services District (EMS) millage rate of 0.5000; and
  • Voted debt service millage rates of 0.3969 (Series 2018), and 0.3072 (Series 2021).

Millage Rate Variances

When compared to FY 2021 adopted millage rates, the FY 2022 adopted operating and EMS millage rates remain unchanged at 5.1875 and 0.5000, repectively. The FY 2022 adopted debt service millage rate Series 2018 of 0.3969 represents a -5.4% decrease when compared to the FY 2021 adopted debt service Series 2018 millage rate of 0.4194. FY 2022 debt service millage rate Series 2021 is 0.3072.

When compared to the FY 2021 adopted aggregate millage rate (City, EMS, and Voted Debt Service) of 6.1069, FY 2022 adopted aggregate millage rate of 6.3916 represents a increase of 4.7%.

The adopted operating millage rate is anticipated to levy approximately $75.5M in property taxes in the General Fund to support and maintain service levels for the City’s residents. Property taxes support about 43% of the total General Fund budget of $175,065,000. EMS adopted millage rate levy about $7.3 M in property taxes which support 36% of EMS operations. Finally, both G.O. bond debt service millage rates Series 2018 and Series 2021, will levy about 10.3M to pay for principal and interest of the bonds.

FY 2022 Final Aggregate Millage Rates in Broward County

When compared to 30 other municipalities in Broward County, the City of Pompano Beach’s aggregate millage rate of 6.3916 is ranked the sixteenth (16th) lowest.

FY 2022 Fire Assessment Fees

This is the third consecutive fiscal year (starting in FY 2020) that the fees have remained unchanged. For FY 2022 fire assessment rates are as follows:

  • Residential Rate $220 per unit;
  • Commercial Rate $0.314 per square feet;
  • Industrial Rate $0.168 per square feet; and
  • Institutional Rate $0.388 per square feet.

It is estimated that the adopted fees will assess approximately $21.5M in net fire assessment revenues or $177K more than the FY 2021 adopted revenues. The fire assessment fees are anticipated to cover approximately 89% of the eligible fire service costs and will support two (2) additional positions for the Fire Department: Fire Captain and Fire Inspector. The revenues also support the Fire Emergency Operations Center capital improvement project $1 million for FY 2022.

FY 2022 Final Fire Residential Fees in Broward County

When compared to 26 other fire residential fees in Broward County, the City of Pompano Beach’s residential fire fee of $220 is ranked the fourth (4th) lowest.

Who Sets Your Property Taxes And Which Taxing Authorities Are Listed In Your Tax Bill?

The total amount indicated in your tax bill depends on two factors: the assessed value of your property, which is the Broward County Property Appraiser's (BCPA) responsibility, and the tax rate, otherwise known as the millage rate, expressed as dollars per thousand, for each taxing authority that levy property taxes within the boundaries of the City of Pompano Beach. Each taxing authority may set one or more millage rates.

Taxing Authorities in Pompano Beach 2021 Tax Roll Example

Taxing Authorities Listed In Your Tax Bill

If you reside in the City of Pompano Beach, each dollar you pay in property taxes is sent on this journey:

  • 27.91 cents of your dollar goes to Broward Commisison;
  • 31.81 cents go to the Broward County Public Schools;
  • 25.54 cents go to the City’s General Fund for its maintenance and operations;
  • 1.95 cents pay for debt and principal of the City’s General Obligation Bonds Series 2018 and 5.51 cents for the City's General Obligation Bonds Series 2021;
  • Another 2.46 cents to support the City’s Emergency Medical Special District (EMS); and
  • About 14.96 cents left goes to other taxing authorities such as Children Services Council, North Broward Hospital and South Florida Water Management District.

The chart illustrates an example of the taxing authorities in the City of Pompano Beach and the segment/percentage of property taxes that each authority receives on an annual basis.

Additional Information

For FAQ and more information on the City's budget, please visit the City's Budget Webpage, Financial Transparency Portal, News and Stories and the City's Strategic Plan.

For FAQ, Senior Exemptions, Homestead and Other Exemptions follow the BCPA webpage.

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