Front page of the Library's strategic plan
Library's one page strategic plan




Engagement opportunities build awareness of and support for the Library.

Potential Measures of Success

Increase in cardholders

Increase in circulation

Number of outreach events

Social media engagement

Number of partnerships

Partner survey to learn how to deepen relationships


Educate Goal One

Build Library presence in the community by looking for outreach and collaboration opportunities.

Activities and Timeline
  • Inventory, review and track partnerships, create matrix of qualities of partnerships / FY20
  • Implement outreach evaluation with “call to action” at each outreach event that can be tracked / FY20
  • Start monthly Community Organization Feature / FY20
  • Create a formal outreach plan w/flowchart and decision tree / FY21
  • Create a formal marketing plan / FY21
  • New: Partner with the YMCA on the after-school program / FY21

Educate Goal One Progress


Beginning in August, the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce's Greeter Bag program, will include a "call to action" to encourage new residents to come get a library card. They are being incentivized to visit by bringing in the card we have added to the bag, sign up for a library card and receive a free promotional item ( a to-go thermal mug with logo). As of the fourth quarter, 100 items have been delivered each month through Chamber.

The Library began a monthly campaign featuring a local community organization. The organizations were featured on our large bulletin board on the Lower Level, on our website and social media. Kiwanis, Team Nicholas and Zonta Club of Joliet Area were the first. This activity will resume when we are fully operational. The monthly Community Organization feature was on hold while the building was closed.

The Community Engagement & Marketing staff have created a formal outreach plan and a decision tree. This helps staff determine if it's an event that is worthwhile for the Library to participate in or attend, ways to market the event, and which staff member (may very well be from other departments) is the appropriate one to attend. While the plan has been created, we have been unable to implement it due to pandemic.


YS is in talks with the YMCA to participate in their after-school program in PSD202 schools.

The Community Engagement & Marketing staff have created a formal marketing plan.

Beginning in summer, CE&M will implement a tracked outreach evaluation.

Educate Goal Two

Increase awareness of all the Library has to offer.

Activities and Timeline

  • Create new partnerships for off-site youth and teen programs that we do not have space for in this location /FY2020
  • Investigate the best way to contact the FBI classes in PSD202 in order to fully promote our specially designed services to them in School Year 20-21 / FY2020 - FY2021 Q1
  • Implement opengov software for full transparency / FY2020
  • Use potential partner list to reach out to inform and educate about all the library has to offer / FY2021 - FY2022
  • Review library demographics and saturation rates to determine neighborhoods to target with marketing/communication FY2021 / FY2024 Q1
  • Track what is promoted in the library, at outreach events, and through social media to see if an increase in usage correlates to promotion (services, collections, etc) / FY2021
  • Create annual report booklet / FY2021 and beyond
  • Repeat community survey to look for increased awareness of services / FY2023
  • Conduct a marketing campaign that features a user of the month--each month featuring a different program, service, collection, super-user, etc. (testimonials) / FY2022

Educate Goal Two Progress


Youth Services staff partnered with a local business, Warehouse 109, to hold the annual teen play at their facility. Our building cannot accommodate the performers and an audience in one space. While the play had to be cancelled, we have booked for 2021.

During PSD202 remote learning, YS staff presented monthly live storytimes to one of the FBI classes.

By having to have large (more than 75 adults) events held off-site, we hope to demonstrate the need for adequate space at the Library.

The Library purchased Opengov software to provide fiscal transparency, to provide user statistics and to provide narrative information on the Library's strategic plans and future expansion plans and to be able to survey the community. Staff have undergone extensive training, we've begun using some features of the software and will continue to work with it for our monthly statistics and departmental reports. As of fourth quarter, Opengov software is being used for statistical reporting and marketing purposes.

Community Engagement & Marketing staff are creating a multi-page annual report featuring all of the Library's accomplishments over the FY2020. This was shared with the Board in the September board packet and on social media. CE&M staff are using demographics and usage data compiled in Savannah software from OrangeBoy to determine which neighborhoods to target for communication and marketing. This will be an on-going activity.

Targeted marketing will go out for pilot locker service to surrounding quadrant in January; also using it for the 2021 Winter Reading Challenge.

CE&M joined the Downtown Business Alliance (DBA) to create new partnerships for post COVID times

All other planned activities for this goal have been postponed due to the pandemic.


Creating partnerships for off-site youth and teen programs continued to be on hold as a result of the pandemic. The Library learned how to better use the Library’s green space and held all in-person summer programs outside.

The pandemic prevented in-person presentations at the schools. Through a partnership with one of the FBI (Functional Based Instruction) teachers, Youth Services staff presented monthly virtual visits during the last half of the school year. Once we know if in-person or virtual visits are acceptable in the upcoming school year, we will put together a plan for approaching the teachers. One of the FBI teachers already inquired as to whether or not they would be able to resume their annual October visit to the Library.

OpenGov software will go live in the Fall with the website refresh.

Community Engagement & Marketing implemented the Read Around Town program in areas of Bolingbrook and Joliet. The areas were chosen using the Savannah targeted marketing software.

The marketing campaign featuring users will begin in the Fall or Winter when regular in-person programming resumes.

A community survey is planned for October.

The annual report for FY2021 will be ready in the Fall.




Create meaningful opportunities for individuals to explore and create.

Potential Measures of Success

Increased overall circulation

Increased holdings in various collections based on community input

Number of programs and attendees

High satisfaction and learning at programs

Number of computer sessions

Number of computer classes and attendees

Captivate Goal One

Promote literacy, curiosity, and the love of reading by creating collections that respond to community needs.

Activities and Timeline

  • Relabel the YA and Teen Fiction Areas to make it clearer to patrons the differences between the two sections / FY2020
  • Face out some of adult nonfiction collection in stacks to highlight this collection / FY2020
  • Add memory kits for seniors, people with Alzheimer’s & the caretaker community / FY2021
  • Implement formal Library of Things collection (GoGo Gadgets) and a resource guide for instructions for devices / FY2020
  • Create a true Early Literacy Area / FY2021
  • Research and apply for PLA Inclusive Internship Initiative with an internship focus in Technical Services / FY2021
  • Investigate improving visibility of title/subject suggestions, particularly in the public online catalog / FY2021
  • New: Conduct a diversity audit of library collections /FY2021-FY2022
  • NEW: Create an online list of materials in Own Voices for children and teens / FY2020

Captivate Goal One Progress

A major re-labeling project of the Teen and YA collections began. This is to help patrons distinguish the difference between these two collections, which is not always so simple. This was temporarily halted due to the pandemic. The Young Adult Fiction area has be re-labeled.

Weeding continues. Shelves were added to the Fiction, Non-Fiction, Large Print, Biography and Foreign Language ranges. Books have been faced out at the end of these ranges. Due to patrons not being able to be in the building periodically and/or in such lower volume, the face out project is being replaced by our diversity audit focus.

A Library of Things, named the GoGo Gadgets collection began, using dollars donated by Exxon Mobile. A second set of purchases was made in Q2 using funds raised by staff at the Mini-Golf Fundraiser. While the launch of this collection was overshadowed by the pandemic, it's been wildly popular with the community. By fourth quarter, another round of gadgets was added to the collection, including iPads we already owned for ESL students being available for check-out since patrons have been unable to come in the building to use our PCs.
A collection of memory kits (Reminiscent Kits) for seniors, adults with dementia and caretakers was begun, using funds donated by the Friends of the Library. The kits are now available for check-out via Home Delivery/Senior Services.
Youth Services staff has curated content on the Library's website, called Own Voices, where kids and teens can find books and other materials written in their voices. Sections include Black voices, LGBTQIA voices and, this fall, LatinX voices for Hispanic Heritage. This will be an ongoing activity.

While the physical space was on hold, we received a $500 Rotary grant to supplement our virtual early literacy efforts and add to our VOX books collection.

Libraries such as Joliet, Schaumburg and Evanston have ongoing summer inclusive internship programs for high school students. Veronica is gathering more information on these programs to see if this is something that could be done here.

All other planned activities have been postponed due to the pandemic.
The YA and Teen fiction relabeling project is complete.
Under-circulating devices were removed from the GoGoGadgets (GGG) collection.
New gadgets added: laptops, lens kit for smartphones, handheld fabric steamer, BluRay player, Cricut mug press, updated coin sorter, Furbo dog camera, Joy For All companions (cat and dog) for memory loss/autism, PS5 (if available) and Switch consoles.
The early literacy area furniture project was not possible at this time. We refreshed the games, puzzles, and manipulatives that are available for patrons to use in the Library. They will be available for public use once it is deemed safe for unmasked children to gather in small spaces.
Asian Pacific and Indian titles have been added to the Own Voices online resources page.
About one third of the adult fiction collection has been audited for diversity.

Captivate Goal Two

Enhance and grow connections through vibrant programs and access to technology.

Activities and Timeline

  • Institute post-program/event online surveys / FY2020
  • Track topics of one-on-one sessions to gauge need for potential computer classes / FY2020
  • Conduct a multi-week teen coding program / FY2020
  • Grow Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and maker programming / FY2021
  • Conduct pop-up survey in online catalog re: collections, hold waits, use as teaching tool: reading history, etc / FY2022
  • NEW: Present a series of informational and educational videos for families / FY2021
  • NEW: Develop programming that utilizes the new Dremel 3D printer / FY2021 - FY2022

Captivate Goal Two Progress


The activities for this goal for Q1 and Q2 2020 have been paused due to the pandemic. A massive pivot was needed to be able to continue to provide programming and training to our community.

Staff had to quickly learn how to conduct storytimes and craft programs via Zoom or Facebook Live, convert programs into online webinars, and keep an overwhelmed community interested in using the Library as a resource.

The Library expanded access to e-books/audiobooks, streaming content and downloadable options as well as took advantage of vendor offers for access to content that normally would only be available in the Library.

Staff focused heavily on social media with fun content like virtual trivia events, guessing games, scavenger hunts and the like. Statistics demonstrate a significant increase in usage of social media and our online resources.

Staff sought out a method for us to be able to answer phone calls in addition to the email and text questions being regularly answered during the Stay At Home orders. We implemented Google Voice to create a Library Hotline as a way for staff to answer phone call questions from home and then later when staff were in the building but we were not yet open to the public.

Because in-person programs are not possible, the YS department purchased Vidcode which allows the Library to run virtual coding classes as well as children and teens to explore coding on their own.

Some activities will remain on hold until in person programming resumes.

Conducting pop-up surveys in our online catalog is being done by the Pinnacle OPAC committee in Spring 2021, ahead of our timeline. Each Pinnacle library has at least one staff member on this committee.

Due to staffing challenges and no in-person programming, the 3D printer has been postponed to FY22.

Based on a survey that over 200 families responded to in August, the YS department adjusted fall programming from videos (our families are very screen fatigued) to a focus on weekly STEAM themed Take and Make Kits for three different age groups.

All other planned activities have been postponed due to the pandemic.


Tech training will resume in the fall and Reference & Reader Services will be able to track topics.

The teen coding program was originally added as part of the 2020 Best Buy Grant. That in-person, multi-week program had to be suspended. The Teen Librarian conducted a week-long virtual coding camp over spring break using Vidcode software.

Reference & Reader Services is planning two fall 2021 programs using the 3D printer.

The YS department adjusted fall programming from videos (our families were very screen fatigued) to a focus on weekly themed Take and Make Kits for three different age groups. YS has offered and will continue to offer through the summer of 2021 weekly Take and Makes for preschool, grade school and teens.

YS presented a yearlong video series "PPLD in the Kitchen" and created a series of videos to promote and instruct patrons on how to participate online in the 2021 summer reading program.

Library-created videos can be viewed here:




Expand points of service and resources.

Potential Measures of Success

Space recommendations presented

Increase in funds raised

Connect Goal One

Reduce barriers to service by making access convenient.

Activities and Timeline
  • Website accessibility implementation Investigate remote services / FY2020
  • Implement military service code--no fines for military / FY2020
  • Investigate remote services / FY2020
  • Add shelf locations and other information visible to patrons in the OPAC / FY2020
  • Relabel all call numbers to full author last name and first initial / FY2020 - FY2022
  • Hire a consultant to create a Master Plan for facilities / FY2021
  • Implement remote services / FY2021
  • Implement Automatic Renewals / FY2021
  • Investigate and then Implement Curbside Delivery / FY2021
  • Carpeting replacement / FY2021
  • Create additional individual study options in upper level Bay Area / FY2021
  • Update and replace public spaces furniture / FY2021
  • Renovate 30+ year old public restrooms / FY2021
  • Renovate 30+ year old Storytime Room / FY2021
  • Implement Fine-Free / FY2022 or FY2023
  • Create shelf labels to make it easier for young children to identify popular areas of interest in the J nonfiction area (dinosaurs, trucks, space, animals, etc) / FY2021
  • NEW: Online Library card registration with Library card number provided and 30 days to pick up the card / FY2021
  • Create additional individual study options in upper level Bay Area / FY2021
  • Update and replace public spaces furniture / FY2021
  • NEW: Website refresh / FY2021

Connect Goal One Progress


The Library responded quickly when the pandemic hit to reduce barriers to Library usage by:

  • eliminating overdues and going fine-free through the summer
  • promoting the online library card application form and then waiving the requirement to come in to the Library in order to use their card
  • issuing temporary library cards to non-residents (those in unincorporated areas of our district)
  • increasing check out limits/times on downloadable/streaming resources
  • implemented curbside pick-up so patrons could at least obtain materials while we were not open to the public

Also in Q1 and Q2 of 2020, these activities were accomplished:

  • A website accessibility overhaul was conducted so that those with hearing and visual challenges will be able to use our website more effectively.
  • Account Services created a military exception so that those who have served in the military and their families would not accrue overdue fines on their accounts.
  • The online catalog (OPAC) added shelf locations and simplified some language relating to the status of held items in an effort to make it more user friendly.
  • Director and Account Services Department Head investigated remote services options and off-site self-service lockers in an effort to make it easier for those who live in the furthest areas of our district can access materials more readily.
  • The Board approved the implementation of remote services by beginning the process to install 30 self-service lockers at our first identified test pilot site of Plainfield East High School.

We will begin relabeling all call numbers to full author, last name and first initial, after YA/Teen collections are complete.

We discussed a master plan with Nagle Hartray Architects in November 2020.

Lockers installed at pilot location (Plainfield East High School) in December 2020, staff training in early January 2021, available to public 1/13/21.

Curbside has been modified for what will most likely be its permanent setting, no longer from the Large Meeting Room; a small outside return bin was added to make returning items/using curbside more convenient.

The Library is Fine Free as of 9/1/20.

All other planned activities have been postponed due to the pandemic.


Added shelf locations and other information for patrons to the LibraryWorld Online Patron Access Center (OPAC).

The relabeling project of young adult fiction is complete. Youth nonfiction and biographies is in process.

Automatic renewals was implemented.

Nagle Hartray Architects, the firm that worked with the Library for the 2016 and 2017 referenda, has been retained to conduct a feasibility study on renovations and a small addition. Other building items within this goal will be on hold pending the feasibility study.

A staff committee was formed to evaluate the Library's website. Low usage pages were eliminated or condensed, content was updated, a card-sorting study was conducted to improve the navigation of the site. The refreshed site is expected to go live in the Fall.

Connect Goal Two

Increase Library resources to ensure growth and sustainability.

Activities and Timeline

  • Consider a name change or rebranding by adding "area" to our name / FY2021

  • Investigate/consider implementing new service to generate alternate source of revenue to offset going fine-free: License plate renewals, passport services / FY2021

  • Hold community listening sessions (focus groups) to start to craft messages for possible 2024 referendum / FY2022

  • Conduct community survey (may be part of master plan) / FY2022
  • Hold informational/listening sessions with small groups of potential donors to get feedback and support / FY2022

  • Form a citizen support committee for 2024 referendum / FY2023

Connect Goal Two Progress


No activities were planned for Q1 or Q2 of 2020 for this goal.

Staff is compiling information on a name change or re-branding to present to the board in early 2021.

The Library has investigated alternative sources of revenue. Due COVID-19, this is no longer a priority.

The Board completed one training on 11/11/20 on development and fundraising.


A renaming proposal in conjunction with rebranding was presented to the Board in June . Staff will conduct a general community survey post-Covid-19 and with new census data and will include a question to determine interest in renaming.