American Rescue Plan Act

City Operations


The City Operations investment focus area aims to create a more resilient General Fund (GF) and capitalize on the one-time nature of this funding source to address issues that will free up future General Fund (GF) resources to support transformational investments. A further breakdown of programs is below.

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COVID-19 Health Care Expenses

Provide funding to cover current and projected COVID-19 health care expenses paid by the City and the Workers' Compensation Program.

Premium Pay

City Council approved Premium Pay to eligible part-time and full-time employees at the Dec. 15, 2021 Formal meeting.

Infrastructure, Technology, and Capital Needs

Funds are intended to be used to provide resources needed to address capital needs.

This category consists of two projects:

1) the rehabilitation of the 27th Avenue Recycling Facility and

2) stormwater projects in collaboration with the Flood Control District of Maricopa County.

Revenue Replacement

Funds will be used to replace lost revenue at the Convention Center. COVID-19 has had a severe impact on the Convention Center bookings. It is likely that large conventions and the associated hospitality industry will be among the slowest to recover and revenue will continue to be weak.

Administrative Oversight, Compliance, and Outreach Efforts

Funds are intended to be used to provide staffing necessary to support federal compliance efforts. Staffing additions will also assist with enhancing community outreach to improve service delivery and to increase transparency on city progress for all approved programs via an enhanced website. This includes $500,000 for the mobile career unit to purchase translation software, virtual reality, job searching, employer matching, and resume technology, as well as an allocation of $2.4 million to improve the Human Services Department case management system.

PPE/Heat Relief

Funds have been used to procure necessary PPE, cleaning, and sanitizing materials for vulnerable populations in the City. Additionally, staff is using funds to purchase other necessary items to assist with heat relief in 2022. Items will be distributed to the public throughout the summer and includes pop-up shelters, water bottles, and evaporative coolers.