Prince George's County Beautification Dashboard

The Prince George's County Beautification Initiative is a three-year effort from the County Executive's Office to promote pride throughout the County and encourage residents, visitors, and businesses to protect and preserve the environment.

A Cleaner, greener environment is a responsibility shared by residents, visitors, and businesses. Everyone has a duty to pitch in to reduce the amount of litter in Prince George's County and adopt behaviors that will lead to a zero-waste future. The Beautification Initiative engages County residents and businesses to get involved in keeping our communities clean and bright.

The data below provides a snapshot of several indicators that the County is actively tracking to create a greener, more livable environment for our residents, visitors and businesses. The County is also providing public access to this data to increase transparency and awareness of its efforts. To learn more about the County's beautification initiative visit

Anacostia Watershed Restoration

Prince George’s County's 86-square-mile portion of the Anacostia watershed accounts for almost half of the watershed. Human development and alteration in the watershed have led to severe stream habitat damage, including excess sediment and erosion, physical blockages for fish movement, poor water quality and loss of wetlands and forests along the Anacostia River. Historically, the watershed had more than 50 fish species. Now, it is limited to just 20 to 30 fish species.

The County's current goal is to restore 7 miles of in-stream habitat, opening 4 miles for fish passage and connecting 14 miles of stream to restore aquatic habitat in previously-degraded streams, fish and other critters will likely benefit.