Public Services

Stormwater and Streets

The Stormwater and Streets division of Public Services provides services relating to the supervision and maintenance of construction, restoration, and repair of the City’s 135.48 acres of surface water, 248 miles of swales for storm water run-off, and 27 miles of the City’s storm water management system. The Stormwater & Streets division maintains 124 miles of the City’s roadway system that includes all aspects of traffic signage and striping maintenance.


Expenditures for Public Services Stormwater and Streets total $4,701,312. This amount reflects an increase of $803,648, or 20.6% from the fiscal year 2023 adopted budget of $3,897,664. The increase in budget from the prior year is partially due to the increased cost associated with repair and maintenance services, as well as the additional $500,000 allocation for stormwater repair and maintenance expense, which will be reimbursed through a grant.