The City maintains an excellent financial position as evidenced by the General Fund’s unassigned reserves in FY 2023 of $26 million, or 22.6% of operating expenditures, which complies with Council’s policy of a minimum balance of 17%.

Because of its sound financial position and continued strong growth and development, the City was able to weather the COVID-19 pandemic that began in FY 2020 and continued into FY 2021, as well as the current inflationary environment and tight labor market that the entire country is facing. This strong position is due to the continued strong economy and growth of the City and pro-active financial management by the Council. New construction remains strong, with several significant projects either recently completed, underway, or in various stages of planning.

The City's proposed fiscal year 2023 budget provides a spending plan that will accomplish the following:

  • A reduction of the proposed millage rate of 4.15%, from 5.55 to 5.32 mills. The effect of this proposed rate ensures that most homesteaded properties, whose values increased by the 3% cap under the Save Our Homes provisions, will see a decrease in their City property tax next year.

  • Provide funding for all current and recently approved employment collective bargaining agreements.

  • Provide a total of 39 new full-time positions necessitated by the growth of the City and demand for services.

1. In the Fire Department, 21 Firefighters/Fire Medics will be hired in a phased approach next fiscal year to be trained for staffing of the new Fire Station 6 in

Avenir. This approach is the most cost-effective method of ensuring fully trained and outfitted staff is available and ready to begin providing service when the

new station goes into service. In addition, two Logistics Coordinators and an Administrative Chief are recommended to keep pace with increased growth and

demand for services.

2. In the golf course special revenue fund, the following new positions are requested:

(a) One Golf Operations Coordinator

(b) One Tournament and Events Coordinator

(c) One Food and Beverage Manager

(d) One Chef

* It is important to note that all of these positions are funded by revenues generated from user fees; no tax dollars will be used

3. In the recreation special revenue fund, the following new positions are requested:

(a) One Recreation Supervisor

(b) One Lead Lifeguard

(c) One Operations Manager

* As with the golf course positions, these positions are funded by revenues generated from user fees; no tax dollars will be used

4. In the General Fund, the following positions are recommended to keep pace with growth and demand of services :

(a) One Police Captain and two Police Services Specialists

(b) One Planners and one Development Compliance Technician

(c) One Executive Legal Assistant

(d) One Multimedia Communications Manager

(e) One Administrative Specialist III in Public Facilities

  • Funding of 8% to implement recommendations of the compensation and classification study for non-bargaining employees.

  • Allocate $1,993,000 from the Mobility Fee Fund for various street improvements to enhance pedestrian traffic flow and safety.


  • Allocate $250,000 to continue the storm water renovation program, plus $250,000 to continue the canal dredging and maintenance program.

  • Allocate $1,222,200 to continue the maintenance, repair and operations plan that will ensure the City’s facilities are maintained at the level of service the

residents expect from a “Signature City” such as Palm Beach Gardens.

  • Allocate $2,000,000 to be set aside for economic development incentives.

All the above initiatives have been provided in the fiscal year 2023 Proposed Budget with a 4.15% reduction in the operating tax rate and no debt service millage.

The preparation of the Proposed Budget was a formidable task that would not have been possible without the efforts of all City department heads and staff. It is through their combined efforts that we can present this document to the City Council, and we want to express our sincere appreciation for all their collective efforts.

If you have any questions concerning the proposed budget, please contact Mr. Ferris so that we may schedule a meeting at your convenience to discuss any outstanding issues you may have.