City Administration

The City Administration department serves as the executive function of the City. Its mission is to provide leadership and to ensure the efficient and effective day-to-day operations of the City; to administer and execute ordinances, policies and objectives formulated by the City Council; to develop and recommend alternative solutions to community issues for consideration by the City Council; to plan, develop and monitor the annual budget and programs to meet current and future physical, social and cultural needs of the citizens of Palm Beach Gardens; to provide timely and effective responses to all citizen concerns; to preserve all public documents; and to provide quality information to the public, staff and City Council.

Appointed by the City Council as the chief administrative officer, the City Manager directs and supervises the administration of all City departments. These departments include Administration (including Legal), Public Communications, Purchasing and Contracts Management, City Clerk, Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Fire Rescue, and Planning and Zoning. In addition, the City Manager oversees the annual operating and capital improvements budget, and formulates, recommends, and executes policies as directed by the City Council


Expenditures for City Administration total $1,297,262. This amount reflects an increase of $241,431, or 22.9% from the fiscal year 2023 adopted budget of $1,055,831. The increase in budget from the prior year is partially due election related expenses.