The mission of the Legal department is to provide competent legal advice and counsel to City officials and administration in a timely manner, and to represent the City’s interests and positions in negotiations and litigation while minimizing the cost of such services to the City.

The law firm of Lohman Law Group, P.A. is under contractual agreement with the City as City Attorney. The City Attorney is the chief legal officer of the City responsible for all legal affairs of the City and serves as chief legal advisor to the City Council, the City Manager, the City's departments, and such boards and/or committees as are placed in the City Attorney's charge by the City Council or the City Manager.

The City Attorney prepares or reviews as to form and legal sufficiency all contracts, resolutions, ordinances, or other documents of the City; prosecutes and defends all legal or administrative law actions wherein the City is a party; and coordinates and manages all outside legal services. The department ensures that all ordinances adopted by the City are legally defensible and that development approvals are consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and that conditions of approval are adequate to protect the City’s interests, with due consideration to private property rights. In addition, the City Attorney provides in-house legal training for employees.


Expenditures for Legal total $904,404. This amount reflects an increase of $97,165, or 12.0% from the fiscal year 2023 adopted budget of $807,239.