Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services, a division of Public Services, supports City activities relating to neighborhood preservation where all residential and commercial properties are maintained in a manner that emphasizes an aesthetically pleasing environment, protects public health and safety, and maintains property values. The focus is to develop partnerships with our citizens and businesses by seeking and developing compliance solutions as opposed to relying on enforcement methods. Additionally, code compliance staff works closely with other City departments, divisions, other governmental agencies, as well as neighborhood coalitions and business owners to assist and empower individuals to resolve outstanding code violations and other challenges.


Expenditures for Neighborhood Services total $1,347,561. This amount reflects an increase of $193,064, or 16.7% from the fiscal year 2023 adopted budget of $1,154,497. The increase in budget from the prior year is partially due to the addition of a new position. The department has requested the addition of a Code Compliance Officer for fiscal year 2024.