Public Services

Parks and Grounds

The Parks and Grounds division of Public Services supports services relating to the maintenance of 17 public parks with a combined area of approximately 312 acres. Within these parks, there are 41 outdoor sports fields with a combined area of 65 acres of Bermuda turf and 3.5 acres of clay. The City's parks are open to the public 24/7, apart from scheduled maintenance and safety closures. This division also maintains all public irrigation systems and performs tree and landscaping maintenance within medians and common grounds.


Expenditures for Public Services Parks and Grounds total $6,436,855. This amount reflects an increase of $410,102, or 6.8% from the fiscal year 2023 adopted budget of $6,026,753. The increase in budget from the prior year is partially due to additional capital outlay costs, and additional operating costs for repair and maintenance expenditures.