Information Technology

The Information Technology department (IT) strives to leverage cost-effective and innovative technology solutions to provide our taxpayers with high quality service and support while ensuring the technology is aligned with the goals and objectives of all business units.

Duties consist of directing the development, deployment, and support of all IT systems and professional services, vendor relationships, and customer service for the City. IT oversees all projects relating to data communications to coordinate City efforts in developing more efficient work processes. This coordination is essential in eliminating duplication of effort, avoiding redundant expenditures, and accelerating the development and implementation of technologies.

The Information Technology department's goal is to continually improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the City and to enhance the quality of life for our residents, businesses, and visitors


Expenditures for IT total $4,942,923. This amount reflects an increase of $731,198 or 17.8% from the fiscal year 2023 adopted budget of $4,114,675. The increase in budget from the prior year is partially due the addition of the Financial System Replacement project.