Pasco County, FL

Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Budget

Our Vision

Pasco - Florida's Premier County

Our Mission

Serving Our Community to Create a Better Future

Our Values


We are honest.

We do the right thing even when no one is watching.

We stand up for what is right.

We own mistakes and learn from them.


We earn this.

We treat everyone with courtesy, consideration, and compassion.

We appreciate all regardless of position or title.

We resolve conflicts to help others and improve team unity.

Service Excellence

We serve to make our community better.

We place our citizens' and customers' interests first.

We deliver at the highest standards.

We are always learning and improving.


We are open to change.

We minimize complexity and simplify processes.

We embrace creativity and encourage participation.

We implement cost-effective solutions.

Table of Contents

The vision from Pasco County's Leaders drives the strategic objectives, which empowers the organization to bring value to our citizens. In this section, find out more about the county, where we are headed, and why we are excited for the future!

County Administrator's Transmittal Letter

Strategic and Business Planning

Environmental Scan

About Pasco County

Organization of Pasco County

This section displays how the county is organized to support the initiatives that positively impact the community. Find information here on financial polices, the general layout of financial data, and the processes that keep everything running smoothly.

Financial Strategy

Major Revenue Sources - Trends & Assumptions

Multi-Year Financial Forecast

Net Operating and Capital Funds

Financial Policies

Budget Cycle Calendar

This section captures valuable data on how the county prepares for the future by carefully handling some of our most sensitive and visible resources.

Capital Improvement Plan

FY 2024-2028 CIP Project Summary

Impact of the Capital Improvement Plan

Debt Summary

The services Pasco County provides are varied and diverse--together, we all work toward making the county a great place to live. Learn more about our departments and their key performance indicators under this section.

To view the official adopted budget ordinance, as well as supplemental information to make understanding the budget document easier, view this section.

Budget Ordinance

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Glossary of Terms

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