IV. Promote the County and Engage Citizens

Future State: An engaged and informed citizenry, which builds trust and confidence in Ozaukee County government. Be an Ozaukee County government that provides transparency, which encourages meaningful participation in county government, and in the community. Leverage Ozaukee County resources to spotlight the unique attributes and drawing power of Ozaukee County for residents, and visitors alike. A social media strategy and website that tells our story, about who we are, what we do, and why we are a great place to work and live.

Section IV. A - Highlights:

1. Funds removed from Budget in 2021. Direction forward to be provided by Executive Committee.

2. Currently, the County is exploring opportunities to revamp the current website with CivicsPlus our website hosting provider.

3. Implementation has been started on the back-end with our OpenGov software.

4. In 2021, OzMazing - an internal employee recognition program was launched. In , 2020, pandemic focused - Public Health dashboards; Lasata has begun its own marketing initiatives; and increased County social media presence in 2020-2021.

County & Community Indicators TBD

Section IV. B - Highlights:

1. Further direction required by Executive Committee to chart path forward.

County & Community Indicators TBD