VI. Streamline County Processes and Build a Performance Excellence Culture

Future State: Ozaukee County has a performance excellence culture built on communication, information, and innovation year-round and the ability to navigate through budgetary constraints with responsible planning and informed decision making using meaningful policy and budgetary data analysis.

Section VI. A - Highlights:

1. Framework to be developed in 2023 Budget process.

Apirl 2022 Update - Working to incorporate in Budget process.

2. Implemented new Capital Project Funding process in 2019 Budget, allowing departments to submit a project proposal, that is evaluated using criteria based on value and efficiency, and modernization and service. Intent is to leverge Capital Project Proposal process for 2022 Budget, to develop a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan.

Sep 2021 Update - Restructured debt at attractive interest rates to address backlog of higher cost, larger scale capital projects that have been continually deferred in the Capital Project Funding process.

April 2022 Update - Working to incorporate in Budget process.

June - 2023 Update - Incorporated into 2023 Adopted Budget.

3. Finance Department developed a PAFR in 2019 for easier understanding of the County's financial reporting. Implemented a grant analysis form for Oversight Committee approval requests. Developing a policy analysis template in 2021-22.

April 2022 Update - Working to launch transparency portal.

4. Transit Services launched cross-county taxi partnership in April, 2021. Administration applied for and secured $1.8 M in parntership with Family Promise for a homeless shelter in Ozaukee County in 2021. Potential future opportunity to partner with local communities on broadband implemnetation, depending on future federal funding initiatives.

Sep 2021 Update - Exploring ERP system to consolidate multiple disparite systems across departments in Administration. Goal is to improve processes for internal customers in 2022-23.

April 2022 Update - Created $5M EMS Grant Program. Built Tower with Washington County. Obtained additional CDBG grant for Advocates Shelter rennovation in 2022. Construction started on Family Promise Homeless Shelter.

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Community Indicators

Section I. B - Highlights:

1. OzMetrics performance management initiative rolled out in 2019, and 2020. All Departments have now provided performance metrics in 2021.

2. Annual performance metrics are being reported out at the Oversight Committees. Evaluation on frequency of reporting to Oversight Committees is on-going.

County Indicators

Community Indicators TBD

Section VI. C - Highlights:

1. On-going discussions with County Board regarding Board and Committee Agenda setting in 2020-21 and review of policy and procedures.

2. Department Head meetings are scheduled bi-monthly.

3. Capital Project funding, grant approval request form implemented. Utilizing OpenGov software for budget analysis, performance management, and future transparency portal.

4. On-going evaluation on level of information required to prepare new County Board members.

April 2022 Update - New County Board orientation process in 2022.

5. Future County Board Satisfaction Survey to be implemented.

Sep 2021 Update - Annual Policy Calendar developed for County Board.

April 2022 Update - Strategic Plan review in 2022.

County & Community Indicators TBD