I. Enhance Safety for At-Risk Populations

Future State: We are recognized as a community that provides exceptional public services to its residents. We provide effective services that help at-risk populations achieve self-sufficiency.

Section I. A - Highlights:

1. A CBRF feasibility study was completed prior to the pandemic. At that time approximately, 30 residents were leaving the Lasata campus to receive care. A recommendation to develop a CBRF facility was paused due to the pandemic, and since the long term care landscape has changed in the last year. A CBRF is still a need, but a holistic view of campus, and nursing home is needed prior to developing a CBRF. A contractor, CLA has been engaged by the Human Services Committee to evaluate the entire campus in relationship to developing a CBRF and the impact of pandemic on all services.

2. April - 2022 - Public Health is beginning to regroup with Committees.

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Community Indicators

Section I. B - Highlights:

1. A Gaps Analysis was completed in 2019. The Task Force will determine implementation steps to meet gaps. Ravenswood Clinic has begun providing treatment programs for substance use, and are accepting medicaid, and private insurance -- and are a new provider for the County. Assension has expanded its outpatient programing for substance use.

2. Began to develop process to evaluate individuals currently in the legal system. Have not been able to fully implement review process meeting with individuals due to COVID.

April - 2022 Update - Committee reformulated. Set to implement program in the Jail as a

trial for AODA individuals in the Criminal Justice System, to further make programatic changes in our treatment of AODA individuals.

3. April - 2022 - Just starting to reactivate working communitywide committees after COVID.

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Section I. C - Highlights:

1. A new position of Court Services Community Liason has been filled as of April 2020, who will be instrumental in process moving forward to determine feasibility of Specialized Courts.

Sep - 21 Update - New position - still training. No cases have been assigned yet.

April - 2022 - Next Step Required - Working w/DA on program policies and referrals for potential treatment court. Reach out to Undersheriff.

County & Community Indicators TBD

County & Community Indicators TBD

Section I. D - Highlights:

1. A Community Liaison position is permanently funded. Currently, zero inmates participating in the community re-entry program. County & Community indicators TBD.

Sep - 21 Update - No inmates have been formally entered into the re-entry program. Communication with support system of immates does happen to ensure basic needs are met.

April - 2022 - Next Step Required - Reach out to Sheriffs Office for info/data on early release re-entery.

Section I. E - Highlights:

1. Currently 10 participants in Project Lifesaver program.

Sep - 21 - Committee has been formed at HS to review eligibility criteria for program for County-wide roll out.

April - 2022 - Advertising on Cty Website for Community members. System is in place.

2. April - 2022 - ADRC is working with Food Pantries to distribute fresh food.

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