V. Develop Our Culture and Employees

Future State: An 80% Employe engagement that drives lower turnover and absenteeism, better workplace safety and improved customer satisfaction.

Section V. A - Highlights:


1. Informal survey of private sector amenities forthcoming in 2021


2024 Update - New Vountary short-term disability, life and pet insurances launched 2023. Improved vacation accrual schedule effective August 2023.


2. Human Resources working with Ansay & Associates in May of 2021 to go out to bid.


Sep - 2021 Update - Staff is proposing tying health insurance premium to participation in the wellness program and the County has received a 2% increase from GHT for 2022 health benefits.


April -2022 Update - Employees given opportunity to obtain 12% health insurance premium, by participating fully in County wellness program.


2024 Update - Wellness program is complete. Began allowing employees to move from 20% to 12% health insurance premium with completion of wellness program, effective 2022.


June - 2023 Update - Implemented new voluntary life, short-term disability and pet insurance. Vacation accrual revised scheduled approved by Finance Committee in May 2023, going to County Board for approval on June 7.Tuition reimbursement up to $5,000/year agenda item is being explored, analyzed prior to being proposed.


3. Wage study bids have been obtained. Human Resources will submit a proposal to the 2022 Capital Project Fund.


April - 2022 Update - On schedule to implement results of wage study in January, 2023.


2024 Update - Wage Study results adopted by County Board in 2022, and implemented in January, 2023.

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Section V. B - Highlights:


1. Human Resources entered into a contract with Energage in 2021, who facilitated an Engagment Survey to employees countywide. Departments are currently developing action plans, to increase engagement with employees. Follow-up survey to be completed in March of 2022, by Energage.


April - 2022 Update - Project Underway. Engagement Survey results obtained.


June - 2023 Update - The next employee engagement survey will be launched in June 2023, by our consultant Energage. Lowest scoring departments will be required to create an action plan to improve employee engagement. HR will also develop new county-wide engagement initiatives based on results.


2024 Update - Human Resources continues to conduct annual employee engagement surveys. County-wide engagement has increased from 57% in 2022 to 63% in 2023.

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Section V. C - Highlights:


1. Obtained State Workforce grant funding through Waukesha County Technical College, to utilize for leadership training. Currently, twenty in cohort group participating initially. Potential to provide coaching for front-line supervisors in the future.


Sep - 2021 Update - Additional grant money was obtained from the State Workforce for 2022 training. Focus will be on Lasata and Sheriff's office staff since they were unable to participate in 2021 cohort due to schedule conflicts.


April 2023 Update - We contract with WCTC for leadership training, which includes 8, 3-hour training sessions, and individual 1:1 leadership coaching for the participants.


2024 Update -  Ad-hoc committee consisting of HR, County Administrator and Department Heads will design a comprehensive leadership development program in 2024. The program will include training for new managers, supervisory skills, leadership skills, succession planning, compliance processes and more. 


2. Considering options, which could include obtaining outside expertise or facilitation.

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Section V. D - Highlights:


1. Looking to improve on-board process, by streamlining county software systems through consolidation.


June - 2023 Update - Greenshades software onboarding is operational as of May, 2023.


2024 Update - New hire electronic papework implemented in 2022


3. Currently, encouraging further utilization of our existing services, which include Teladoc, Employee Assistance Program, and potentially upgrading our Employee Assistance Program.


2024 Update - Opened a new employee fitness room in administration center during 2024 and remodeled justice center fitness room in 2021. Remote work has become common in departments where feasible since 2020.


4. Intending to facilitate safety training in 2021 for employees who aren't recieving any safety training currently.


Sep - Update 2021 - HR is drafting a county-wide training schedule for presentation to the Safety & Wellness Committee at their 4th quarter 2021 meeting.


June - 2023 Update - The County utilizes County Mutual's online coursework database to assign safety training by department on topics relevant to each employee group.


2024 Update - Active shooter and stop the bleed trainings conducted in 2024. The following departments also developed their own safety committees: Lasata, Sheriff, Highway, Human Services.


5. Future collaboration between Human Resources and Human Services.

Section V. E - Highlights:


1. Still evaluating timeline for implementing.


2024 Update - Employee newsletter launched in 2024

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Section V. F - Highlights:


1. Currently, traincing retention rates, and are using the results of the ongoing engagement survey, and eventual Compensation Study to help improve retention rates.


April - 2022 Update - Conducting through ongoing Engagement Survey program.


2024 Update - HR continues to conduct annual employee engagement surveys. Lasata also created a montly recruitement and retention plan. County-wide engagement has increased from 57% in 2022 to 63% in 2023. 


2. Need to identify hard to fill positions, and increase candidates.


Sep - Update 2021 - HR staff is working with Lasata leadership on recruitment and retainment efforts.


June - 2023 Update - Implemented new wage scales in 2023 to increase candidates.


2024 Update - Sign on bonuses are being offered at Lasata to CNAs, LPNs and RNs. Referral bonuses were also implemented beginning in 2022 for hard to fill positions such as Jailors, Dispatchers, Patrol Deputies, etc. 

Section V. G - Highlights:


1. Peer to Peer Recognition Program implemented in Q1/2021.


June - 2023 Update - Hosted 2 anniversary recognition happy hours . Organized 2022 holiday party . Will continue with county appreciation cook out in summer 2023.


2. April - 2022 Update - On track to implement changes beginning in 2023 as a result of Compensation Study.


June - 2023 Update - Intend to implement flexibility/bonus/steps in 2023, as part of P&P Ch. 4 Update. Managers will be trained on the update bonus policy.


2024 UpdateRevised bonus program will be proposed to finance committee in 2024.


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