II. Provide a Safe & Efficient Transportation System for All

Future State: Transportation Infrastructure is in place and safe to meet current and future resident and business needs.

Section II. A - Highlights:

1. Currently, assessing internally. Intention is to report out on these items to the Public Works Committee.

April - 2022 Update - Hotmix Analysis Reported at Committee, Reporting out PMs, that derive from tactic.

County Indicators

Community Indicators

Section II. B - Highlights:

1. 5-year CIP is brought to the Public Works Committee annually. Annual budget is approximately $1.7M in tax levy

April - 2022 Update - CIP brought to Committee in May/June, Scoping out Assets under Facilities Magement to determine useful life and future liabilities in 2021-22.

2. Internal analsyis and refinement of cost estimates is on-going.

April - 2022 Update - Will review past Budgets to see success of forecasting costs.

3. Currently, 7 years of gravel estimated at the Opitz Pit. Further analsysis will be required when approximatel 3-5 years of gravel is estimated to remain --- 2024.

April - 2022 Update - Estimated 5-7 years of gravel still available.

4. In 2019, a Safety Study was conducted. Since, three applications that meet DOT creteria have been submitted for 90/10 funding; 1) traffic signals at Cty NN/Y, Rumble Strips/signage at Cty NN, and at Cty H, which is not approved yet.

April - 2022 Update - Implementing NN Rumble Strips in 22, traffic signals NN/Y, '24 H Rumble Strips.

5. Generally, $300K received from State annually. Future opportunities may be likely due to additional funding that requires contract work.

April - 2022 Update - 2022 Funds used for KW widening, and W. Cty has accrued $1.5 million for widening and raising the road level.

County Indicators

Community Indicators

Section II. C - Highlights:

1. A UW-M study targeting elderly in Ozaukee/Washington resident and their transportation needs is on-going. Currently, working with Interfaith Services on streamlining access to services in the County.

Sep - 21 Update - UWM completed a survey with Ozaukee Co sponsorship to identify transporation accessibility for elderly adults in Wisconsin. Results are expected to be reported Q3 or Q4. Ozaukee Co and Washington Co conducted a joint procurement for a single dispatching & routing software, which will increase mobility between the two counties.

April - 2022 Update - UW-M Study complete. Interfaith hired Mobility Manager.

2. Sep - 21 - Work to begin in Q3 2021 for 2023 launch.

April - 2022 Update - WisDOT/SEWRPC planning survey for 2023. Utilize data in planning.

3. May need to re-evaluate tactic to improve transporation from Milwaukee to Ozaukee County.

County Indicators

Community Indicators

Section II. D - Highlights:

1. Cross-County transportation pilot has begun being implemented with a timeline of April, 2021 - April, 2022. Further discussion by Public Works Committe required on current Joint Transit Superintendent position and level of staffing required between two counties.

Sept - 21 Update - Pilot launched April 2021 and will run through April 2022. 1st quartely update presented to Public Works Committee.

April - 2022 Update - Pilot in place 1 year in April/22. MOU

w/Washingotn Cty in place until July, 22. WisDOT looking at denials statewide. Decision on Joint Transit Supt in '23, in regards to merge/not merge.

2. Potential opportunity to partner with MCTS expanding Route 68 into Ozaukee County.

April - 2022 Update - SEWRPC will present/scope out updated

analysis of flex route in '22.

County & Community Indicators Forthcoming as Cross-County Pilot Grows