II. Provide a Safe & Efficient Transportation System for All

Future State: Transportation Infrastructure is in place and safe to meet current and future resident and business needs.

Section II. A - Highlights:

1. Currently, assessing internally. Intention is to report out on these items to the Public Works Committee.

April - 2022 Update - Hotmix Analysis Reported at Committee, Reporting out PMs, that derive from tactic.

June - 2023 Update - Hotmix & Gravel 2023 Pricing Reviewed and approved by PWC. Increasing Brine Usage, and approved for Salt Brine Building.

County Indicators

Community Indicators

Section II. B - Highlights:

1. 5-year CIP is brought to the Public Works Committee annually. Annual budget is approximately $1.7M in tax levy

April - 2022 Update - CIP brought to Committee in May/June, Scoping out Assets under Facilities Management to determine useful life and future liabilities in 2021-22.

June - 2023 Update - PASER Review in process for 2023. CIP updates in June & July in advance of 2024 Budget.

2. Internal analysis and refinement of cost estimates is on-going.

April - 2022 Update - Will review past Budgets to see success of forecasting costs.

June - 2023 Update - Costs are continually reviewed annually.

3. Currently, 7 years of gravel estimated at the Opitz Pit. Further analysis will be required when approximately 3-5 years of gravel is estimated to remain --- 2024.

April - 2022 Update - Estimated 5-7 years of gravel still available.

June - 2023 Update - Entering 3rd of 7 cells. Estimated to be approximately 5 more years of supplies.

4. In 2019, a Safety Study was conducted. Since, three applications that meet DOT criteria have been submitted for 90/10 funding; 1) traffic signals at Cty NN/Y, Rumble Strips/signage at Cty NN, and at Cty H, which is not approved yet.

April - 2022 Update - Implementing NN Rumble Strips in 22, traffic signals NN/Y, '24 H Rumble Strips.

June - 2023 Update - In design process for CTH H High Risk Rural Road Program (HRRRP) , which will utilize rumble strips, and design for CTH W to reduce the flooding occurrences.

5. Generally, $300K received from State annually. Future opportunities may be likely due to additional funding that requires contract work.

April - 2022 Update - 2022 Funds used for KW widening, and W. Cty has accrued $1.5 million for widening and raising the road level.

June - 2023 Update - Continuing to review Highways that are potentially ready for full reconstruction. However, Highway Reserves have been reducing, which typically funds matching amounts with WisDOT grants.

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Community Indicators

Section II. C - Highlights:

1. A UW-M study targeting elderly in Ozaukee/Washington resident and their transportation needs is on-going. Currently, working with Interfaith Services on streamlining access to services in the County.

Sep - 21 Update - UWM completed a survey with Ozaukee Co sponsorship to identify transportation accessibility for elderly adults in Wisconsin. Results are expected to be reported Q3 or Q4. Ozaukee Co and Washington Co conducted a joint procurement for a single dispatching & routing software, which will increase mobility between the two counties.

April - 2022 Update - UW-M Study complete. Interfaith hired Mobility Manager.

June - 2023 - Participate in the InterFaith Coordinated Transportation Meeting with other Oz. Co, stakeholders: CTCOZ.

2. Sep - 21 - Work to begin in Q3 2021 for 2023 launch.

April - 2022 Update - WisDOT/SEWRPC planning survey for 2023. Utilize data in planning.

3. May need to re-evaluate tactic to improve transportation from Milwaukee to Ozaukee County.

4. June - 2023 Update - Investigate FlexRide Milwaukee & MobiliSE as possible transportation improvement options for Oz. Co. last mile needs.

County Indicators

Community Indicators

Section II. D - Highlights:

1. Cross-County transportation pilot has begun being implemented with a timeline of April, 2021 - April, 2022. Further discussion by Public Works Committee required on current Joint Transit Superintendent position and level of staffing required between two counties.

Sept - 21 Update - Pilot launched April 2021 and will run through April 2022. 1st quarterly update presented to Public Works Committee.

April - 2022 Update - Pilot in place 1 year in April/22. MOU

w/Washington Cty in place until July, 22. WisDOT looking at denials statewide. Decision on Joint Transit Supt in '23, in regards to merge/not merge.

June - 2023 Update - The MOU has been severed regarding management coverage of both counties. Each county has hired their own Transit Superintendent who will continue to work closely together, honoring the system they serve. Cross county shared ride service continues.

2. Potential opportunity to partner with MCTS expanding Route 68 into Ozaukee County.

April - 2022 Update - SEWRPC will present/scope out updated

analysis of flex route in '22.

County & Community Indicators Forthcoming as Cross-County Pilot Grows