Utilities (Enterprise Funds)

The City of Oxnard provides three utility services for its residents; water, wastewater, and environmental resources (solid waste management). These are accounted for in funds called enterprise funds, and each one operates similar to a regular business in that the costs are recovered through fees paid by the residents and businesses who use the services. Utility rates have to cover not only the ongoing cost of providing the commodities and services but also debt service (principal and interest) on municipal bonds issued to pay for long-lived infrastructure like treatment plants, pump stations, lift stations and underground piping. Furthermore, the enterprise funds must also set aside adequate reserves to replace or upgrade capital equipment and installations in emergencies, as they age, or become subject to new regulatory requirements.

Monthly Revenue - All Utilities (Through FY2021-22)

City utilities are funded by the rates charged to the residents and businesses that use them.

By State law (Proposition 218), utility revenue may not be expended for purposes unrelated to the utility that charged it. Revenues raised by utilities cannot be used to pay for general government expenses beyond reimbursing the City for the services that actually benefit the utility.

Monthly Revenue - All Utilities (FY2022-23 and Beyond)

Note: With the adoption of the new chart of accounts in FY2022-23, the Wastewater Operating funds group and the Wastewater Collection funds group were merged into a single Wastewater group of funds.